16 ways to earn money without working (2023)

If you work from home, that's good for you. Also the same. It's not that bad, is it? Even if you don't love your bedroom/office as much as you did on the first Wednesday, just know that with a little strategy, you can make a lot more money than your paycheck.

Thanks to technology, you can make money with almost anything at home (just keep it legal). Whether you're selling your clothes, editing college student resumes, or building Ikea furniture, we see your hustle, sis.

but how much money isif reallysitting around your house rn? (No, not those sad pennies in the crevices of the couch.) Just look in your closet, youtelephone, and grab those Starbucks gift cards you've been saving since last Christmas. If you need a little inspiration or motivation to make more money during social distancing, here are more ideas for making some money.

1. Trade your accounts.

        Where there's an invoice, there's an opportunity... to cancel or lower the price.real accounthelps people cancel unnecessary subscriptions, lower their bills, and get cash back on fees and downtime. Their service charge is 40% of the negotiated economy. So if you save $100, you get $40. If they can't negotiate things, you pay nothing.

        2. Watch TV and play video games.

        Then ICan IEarn money for watching 13 Reasons Why🇧🇷 Possibly!inbox dollarsmimoney boxesare two of many sites that pay you to watch TV and play video games. They simply ask you to fill out a survey with your feedback.

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        3. Browse the Internet.

        No scary stuff, just consumer surveys.swagbucksyou want to know what you are looking for. They ask you to install a plugin that will record your searches. You can earn points that can be redeemed as gift cards at the stores you're likely to visit first.

        4.Try beauty products.

        Yes, that's right: free beauty products. Essentially, you get to live the life of a beauty influencer, testing and reviewing everything from mascara to sunscreen to brands likeL'Oreal- and they can pay you in cashowith more products.

          5. Rent your clothes.

          Basically, you can run your own Rent the Runway business from home with a website called Rent the Runwayrent my closet🇧🇷 First of all, it's a great eco-friendly way to earn some money. And if it seems strange to you that other people use your clothes, don't worry, upon return, the borrower must take the borrowed clothes to the dry cleaner.

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          The best apps to earn money and earn $$$

          6. Open a high-yield savings account.

          If you have steady cash flow and want to keep it flowing, find a bank withhigh interest ratesand no fees (you may need to disconnect from your current bank) to open a savings account. Most banks require you to start with around $100 in your account. Once you start saving, you can earn a small percentage of what you have in your account.

          7. Do your research.

          Who wouldn't want to get paid to provide unsolicited (in this case, solicited) feedback on their latest Target purchase? To connectswagbucksoresearch junkiestart free. You'll need to fill out some quizzes to create serious coins, but it can really add up.

            8. Get rid of your gift cards.

            Will you ever eat at Arby's or set foot in Lady Foot Locker? Trade those random gift cards floating around in your walletCardpool.comoCardCash.com(who accept gift cards even if they have $3.34 cents left) and receive cash in return.

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              9. Sell your clothes and accessories.

              You know all those clothes that take up space in your closet and are totally beautiful but you never wear? Sell ​​Them Find a consignment store in your area that values ​​your items and gives you a percentage of the sale price, or use a site that does the same. Many shops and websites likeElRealReal.com, specialize in designer brands, but you can sell (and buy) things from cheaper brands like Zara and The Gap on sites like .ThredUp.commiPoshmark.com🇧🇷 And of course there's eBay.

              10. Also sell your other things you don't use.

              Your old iPhone 4 that you kept on your desk? Trygacela.com🇧🇷 That food processor you got last Christmas and never used? go to craigslist orWe will do it🇧🇷 All those books you'll never read again? Find an antique store.

              11. Sign up for cash back services likeRakuten.

              Rakuten gives its users back a percentage of their purchase at one of its partner sites (which include tons of big brands like Macy's, Old Navy, and Amazon). No jokes. I laughed. They even have a browser plugin that fires up every time you're on their partner site, so you don't even have to search for them.

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              12. If you train, log inGym.

              This app gives you money every time you meet your training goals, paid for by people who don't meet theirs. If you already hit the gym three times a week, you might as well get rewarded for that.

              13. Session at home.

              It's literally sitting in someone else's house watching Netflix instead of your own and getting paid for it.

              14. Study credit card offers.

              Pick one that has rewards you would actually use. For example, if you fly a lot, especially with a certain airline, get a card that gives you miles. If you buy a lot, get one that gives you cash back on certain purchases. Just pay attention to two things: the interest rate and the annuity. The interest rates on these cards can be high, so only sign up for one if you can pay it off in full each month. And a $95 annual fee for an airline card isn't worth it if you don't want to earn and use a free flight every year.

              15. Make the most of credit card rewards.

              If you have a rewards card that pays, book a trip for all your friends and ask them to pay you back. Eating out for someone's birthday? Put the entire bill on your card and instantly have everything Venmo to yourself. That way, you get more rewards than you could on your own, without spending any extra money.

              16. Sign up for focus groups.

              This is literally sitting in a room instead of your house and talking about your likes and dislikes (and sometimes on your home phone!). Create a profile witha marketing company, like Inspired Opinions, and will contact you whenever they have a focus group that matches your interests. Bonus: some pay cash, almost all directly on the spot.

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