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Adopting a dog from one of the best dog rescue centers on Oahu is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Contrary to popular belief that shelter dogs exhibit undesirable behaviors, these dogs are loyal, fun-loving, and level-headed.

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Thanks to the existing rescue organizations on Oahu, finding the right canine companion has never been more difficult. Before you bring a dog home, prepare your family to welcome it.

Best Dog Rescues Near Oahu [A Dog Adoption Directory] - PawCited (1)

Adopting a dog requires absolute dedication and responsibility. If you wish, follow this directory to the end to find out which rescue center you should visit.


7 Oahu Dog Rescues Where You Can Adopt A Dog

Oahu is one of the most visited places in Hawaii. In addition to its history as the site of Pearl Harbor, it is also known for its vibrant nightlife, spectacular scenery, and refreshing beaches.

Enjoy outdoor activities or enjoy the comfort of your own home. Of course, life is better shared with a dog by your side. If this idea tempts you, you should immediately start finding the right sources of puppies.

There is no need to search for a breeder for this. In fact, there are seven dog rescue centers on Oahu that house thousands of dogs looking for forever homes.

1. SPCA of Oahu

The Oahu Humane Society was formed in 2009 and its mission includes rescuing healthy and treatable animals.Euthanasia. In Hawaiian history, this organization was tricked into a full-scale emergency shelter that became the largest rescue operation.

It is also remarkable how the 2,000 volunteers were able to save around 1,400 animals in the first year.

They were also able to properly treat the animals with veterinary services ranging fromtablet,vaccines,Flea and tick treatments,heartworm treatments,spay and neuter, and more.

With the scale of their work, their reputation, and the number of animals successfully rescued, you can guarantee that adopting a dog from this animal welfare organization is a wise move.

It should be noted that they have one goal: to gather 200 godparents to cover the cost of each cat and dog they rescue. In addition to adoption, you also have the option to become a full member.

To reach the Oahu SPCA:

Website: Humane Society of Oahu

Direction:PO Box 861673, Wahiawa, 96786

Telephone:(808) 754-1519

Email:[email protected]

You can also connect with us through your social networks:Facebook

2. Hawaiian Legs

Paws of Hawaii is a foster organization. His work primarily targets the encampment and homeless areas of the Oahu area. They help, care for and adopt any animal that needs help.

Paws of Hawaii understands the vital importance of responsible pet ownership and provides much-needed support to many pet owners, particularly those struggling to care for their pets. This ensures proper treatment and quality of life for these animals.

Check out the adoptable Fido list if this is the perfect place to adopt a dog. Their sizes, breeds, ages, and temperaments vary, but they are all equally wonderful for the right person.

Adoption Fee Details: Dogs over 1 year old are $200 and puppies are $300. This is necessary as it helps Paws of Hawaii survive operating costs. It's a way to help them cover the cost of veterinary services their dog will receive prior to adoption.

How to get to Paws from Hawaii:

Website: hawaiian legs

Email:[email protected]

You can also connect with us through your social networks:FacebookmiInstagram

3. Fur Angel Foundation

The Fur-Angel Foundation is rooted in its primary goals as an animal welfare organization: rescuing disadvantaged and unwanted dogs and strengthening the bond between humans and animals by educating the public about animal welfare.

Its history goes back to 2014 when it started and was founded by a small group of friends. They were passionate about making a difference in their community, especially in the lives of people and animals.

They have an adoption network where their rescued dogs are well cared for and welcomed.proper education,socializationand rehabilitation.

Best Dog Rescues Near Oahu [A Dog Adoption Directory] - PawCited (2)

During this process, adoptive parents also seek to regain the trust of the dogs, especially those that have suffered extreme trauma from their previous owners.

If you have the courage to rewrite the future of one of your dogs, they have several amazing children waiting for their forever homes. You can find pitbulls, chihuahuas, other breeds, and mixed breeds.

Also, they charge a $300 adoption fee for each of their dogs. You can be sure that he will receive all the medical attention he needs and all you have to do is give your future dog the best life he deserves.

How to get to the Fur-Angel Foundation:

Website: Skin Angel Foundation

Direction:590 Farrington Highway #524-224, Kapstadt, HI 96707

Telephone:(808) 763-8662

Email:[email protected]

You can also connect with us through your social networks:FacebookmiInstagram

4. Tierheim Rainbow Friends

Another group made up of amazing volunteers and people who love animals is the Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary. They are primarily focused on meeting the needs of Hawaii's defenseless animals who are neglected, abused, rejected or abandoned.

They have an adoption program that allows these companion animals to recover better than in the pound. Food, medical care and safe shelter are also provided.

Three of the common resolutions for these animals, including dogs, are to spend their lives in sanctuaries and foster homes, or return them to their owners if they go missing.

Of course, there is no better ending to a story than seeing a dog leave the shelter with its adoptive parents to be taken to its new home.

Are you interested in adoption? Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary would only ask for a minimum donation of $100 as an adoption fee for your future dog.

How to get to the Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary:

Website: Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary

Direction:17-382 13 Mile Rd. Kurtistown, HI 96760, EE. UU.

Telephone:(808) 982-5110

Email:[email protected]

You can also connect with us through your social networks:FacebookmiInstagram

5. The Humane Society of Hawaii dies

Next up is the Humane Society of Hawaii, which promotes human-animal bonding and the humane treatment of animals. In fact, since their inception in 1883, they are one of the oldest operating dog rescues, particularly in Hawaii.

It was the initiative of 350 concerned citizens who launched a massive campaign for jobs and pets. In fact, this defense has been expanded to include helping children and single mothers.

In 1935, the tasks of protecting children and single mothers were transferred to state agencies. Until then, THHS had focused on the needs of the defenseless animals in the area.

Since they don't discriminate based on breed, age or size, you'll find all kinds of dog breeds at this shelter. It can include terriers, chihuahuas, Australian shepherd dogs, and golden retrievers.

Feel free to continue browsing the list and get to know each of them in terms of their personality and needs. Once you've found the dog, filling out an adoption form is a good start in bringing the dog home.

How to contact the Humane Society of Hawaii:

Website: Humane Society of Hawaii dies

Direction:2700 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96826

Telephone:(808) 356-2200

Email:[email protected]

You can also connect with us through your social networks:Facebook,Gore,YouTube,check thank you, zInstagram

6. SPCA de Hawái en Maili-Waianae

Hawaii SPCA in Maili-Waianae is particularly unique to most other dog rescues. Founded in 2014, this organization has focused on dogs and other animals in situations of destitution and long-term or permanent homelessness.

The people they help are the ones who give these animals time and company while they wait to be adopted. At the same time, these people can take this opportunity to gradually recover at the right time.

If you want to help, you can donate any amount. Your contribution is enough to make a big difference in the community. You can also sponsor, raise awareness about animal welfare, volunteer or adopt a child.

To get to the Hawaii SPCA in Maili-Waianae:

Website: Hawaii SPCA in Maili-Waianae

Direction:87-120 Kaukamana Rd, Waianae, HI 96792, EE. UU.

Telephone:(808) 554-5658

Email:[email protected]

You can also connect with us through your social networks:Facebook,Gore,tumblr, zInstagram

7. Hope for Dog Rescue

Best Dog Rescues Near Oahu [A Dog Adoption Directory] - PawCited (3)

Hope for Dogs is a relatively new dog rescue based on Oahu. What makes them special is that they focus on dogs that have spent a lot of time at the shelter for health or health reasons.behavior problems.

This group is made up of a team of volunteers who promote a no-kill practice. After all, dogs are not to blame, regardless of their disposition or situation.

Therefore, a rehabilitation program is provided with proper training and socialization in a loving environment.

Also, Hope For Dogs Rescue has no installation. However, their dogs are in foster care, which suggests potential adopters should make an appointment before meeting their potential dogs in person.

How to contact Hope For Dogs Rescue:

Website: Hope for dog rescue

Direction:NIGHT. PO Box 17512, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

Phone: (808) 913-9881

Email:[email protected]

You can also connect with us through your social networks:Facebook

All of these dog rescues near Oahu meet our standards. Feel free to return to this detailed directory if you decide to adopt a rescue dog.

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