Brother status, subtitles and brief status for Brother (2023)

Brother status:Having a brother is very lucky. Siblings are like lifelong companions and true friends. Are you attracted to your brother or are you looking for interesting words to text your brother, thank him or show love? Then this brother status collection will give you a great opportunity to share your feelings with your dear brother. In this post you will find beautiful brother status for whatsapp and facebook. I love my rage status and miss your sibling status which might make you both feel nostalgic for your childhood. So surprise your older or younger sibling by posting sibling status or uploading your photo to Instagram with sibling caption. This sibling status will also help you to express the bond you have between you and your sibling. It doesn't matter if you are a sister or a brother, here we have all kinds of sibling statuses that you will love to share.

I love my brother status

Some people don't believe in heroes. But they didn't know my brother.

There is no other love like the love of a brother. There is no other love like the love of a brother.

I love my brother, he's just amazing and I couldn't imagine my life without him.

Do you know what brother, friend, hero and idol have in common? Those are all the names I call you by. i love you bro

I am very sure that I have a brother like you, I want you with me wherever I go and live. i love you bhai

Brother... I'm happy and lucky to have you! i love you bro

Do you know what is the stickiest glue in the world? The one between you and me I love you brother.

Best friends can read each other's minds. But only brothers can feel each other's hearts. I love you.

I'm very proud to have a brother like you, dear. I love and respect you for all your works.

No matter how much I try to twist you into being a nagging sister, you always revert back to your original loving brother form. I love you.

Likes and dislikes, but mostly dominated by taste. Love and hate, but mostly dominated by love: that's how I describe our sweet brother-sister bond. i love you bro

Dear brother, I feel strong and safe with you. Even the biggest stone cannot knock down the two brothers who are standing side by side. I love you.

From kind to loving and from mischievous to bully... there are many types of brothers but the cutest one is YOU. I love you brother!

Do you know what my iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, Facebook, Twitter and blog have in common? They all have a picture of me and you in the background. i love you bro

Thank you status for brother

Marble walls, granite columns or stone slabs cannot be as strong as my brother. Thank you for always protecting me.

Thank you for giving your LITTLE sister BIG advice that helped her take the SMALL steps towards BIG goals in life.

You are not just my reflection, you are the echo of my heart and the resonance of my soul. Thanks for being there for my brother.

You stood up to defend me and walked tall to set a perfect example for me. Thank you brother.

Brother status, subtitles and brief status for Brother (1)

Every man in my life has broken my heart or made me cry, except you. I am grateful to have such a loving big brother like you. I love you brother.

I never felt the need to ask for help because you were always there before I asked. Thank you brother.

A brother is the person who picks you up when all your friends leave you. Thanks for picking me up brother. I love you.

Thank you for seeing what Mom and Dad couldn't and for standing up for me where everyone else couldn't. i love you bro

My friends stand up for me whenever I need them...but you stood up for me the whole time. Thank you brother.

Dear brother, thank you for being the person who always says "let's see how we can fix this" instead of "I told you so".

miss your brother status

No, I'm not fine... I miss you brother.

If you were here, I wouldn't be going through what I'm going through right now. I miss you my hero brother like no other.

I miss you. I miss you when you tell me I'm dramatic, when I say my life is falling apart. I miss you insulting me and telling me I'm cute. Come back brother!

I miss the way you bought me a smile on my face bro its your super loving grace and I miss every moment without you. I really miss you!

I look at the door and wait for you to appear. Then I realize you're not home and I feel so alone again. I miss you, come back soon!

In the rhythm of life, sometimes it's out of tune, but as long as there's a brother like you to set the tone, the music keeps playing! Miss you, brother!

I'm waiting and looking forward to the time when we can be together again! I miss you so much... my brother.

I miss our growing years together. I miss your antics and how you always managed to get us into trouble. Boy, you were a problem in yourself, but I love and miss you.

You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart... I miss you my dear brother.

I miss you, not in a "Haven't seen you in a while" kind of way, but in a "Wish you were here right now" kind of way.

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It's so boring here without you. I find myself constantly watching, waiting for you to magically appear. Miss you, brother

I miss you with every beat of my heart, every blink of an eye, every minute of my life and... every moment of the day!

Our paths may change throughout our lives, but the bond between us always remains strong. Miss you, brother!

I miss my brother who I love the most. Yes, he is everything in life. I had the most amazing time of my life. Nothing in life can replace your love.

funny status for brother

We must learn to live together like brothers or perish together like fools.

Everyone knows that when you have a sibling, you struggle.

If you negotiate with your brother, be kind, but have a witness.

We fight like a Tom & Jerry. Let's get revenge like a Tom & Jerry. Plus we're always together like Tom and Jerry.

Lucky if your brothers act as your bodyguards.

I smile because you are my brother. I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it!

Brother status, subtitles and brief status for Brother (2)

Isn't it strange that siblings can be the sweetest of friends and the bitterest of rivals at the same time?

You are a strange idiot, my brother. are you real

I was born lucky because I have a brother like YOU who is one in a million.

I grew up with six siblings. That's how I learned to dance while waiting for the bathroom.

Siblings don't shake hands, they have to hug.

The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a little brother and they will always settle for a puppy.

It takes two men to make a brother.

Mom always said that we are the same soul split in two and walking on all fours. It seems unnatural to be born together and then die apart.

Brother Status for Facebook and WhatsApp

Half the time when siblings fight, it's just an excuse to hug.

Memories of fights and arguments are sweeter when you've had them with your brother.

If I could choose the best brother, I would choose you!

Brothers are like lampposts on the path, they don't shorten the distance but light up the path and make it worth walking.

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.

It was nice growing up with someone like you: someone to lean on, someone to trust... someone to trust.

There is no better friend than a brother, and there is no better brother than you.

A sibling shares childhood memories and adult dreams.

I can't work with my brother without laughing.

I gave my word that only death would separate me from you.

When we fight, we can fight like the worst enemies. But when we come together, we become a powerful force like no other.

My brother is one of my true heroes. Stable and sober where I am impulsive and emotional.

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Everyone has a best friend, but the lucky few like me have best friends who are also their siblings.

Being your real brother, I can feel like I'm living in your shadow, but I never have and I don't now. I live in your splendor.

There is no love like the love of a brother. There is no love like the love of a brother.

Big Brother-Status

I love my older brother very much because he bought me a ruler, an eraser and a marker.

In kindergarten, the seeds planted by siblings bear the sweetest fruit. I love you brother.

Big Brother is our first friend and second father.

I'll say this: I think "Big Brother" is the greatest nap known to man.

Who said older brothers are bad? I found my brother more loving and caring than anyone.

Brother status, subtitles and brief status for Brother (3)

You learn more about life by watching Big Brother than by reading a book.

The great thing about having four older brothers is that you always have someone to do something for you.

Only an older BROTHER can love like a FATHER, care like a SISTER, care like a MOTHER and support like a FRIEND. Thank you brother.

A big brother is the person for your little sister that your father or friend can never be. Thank you brother.

Thank you for always being the perfect big brother who is protective without being smothering, liberal without being careless, and vigilant without being stifling.

cute little brother status

You are taller than me now. But you are still a little brother to me.

I grew up with a younger brother so I can speak quite loudly.

If you want to know how your girlfriend will treat you after marriage, just listen to her talk to her little brother.

When a girl grows up, her younger brothers, now her protectors, look like older brothers.

I wish I could say I see my little brother more. We used to fight all the time but now that I don't see him anymore I appreciate the time I get to spend with him.

A little brother is the best teddy bear a girl can have.

There is a child in the man who is my brother... Oh, how I hated that child. And how I love him too.

I know a lot of troublemakers, but my favorite is my little brother.

As I was born before you, I will always have the right to say that you will always be my little brother.

I love little brother very much. He's just the nicest guy in the world.

brother and sister status

Being brother and sister means being there for each other.

Even if a sister says nothing, a brother understands everything.

The bond between a sister and a brother, sometimes tightly woven, sometimes kept weak, but never broken.

I enjoyed being your little sister. Yes, I just want to say thank you for being there.

No life is worth more than another, no sister is worth less than a brother.

The kinder, sleepier sister has been known to turn tiger when her brother is in trouble.

Brother status, subtitles and brief status for Brother (4)

The bond between sister and brother is like the umbilical cord between mother and child: invisible, but always present. You are the best brother ever.

Our brothers and sisters are with us from the beginning of our personal stories to the inevitable twilight.

A sister can leave any relationship in her life if it's really necessary. But a sister can never let go of the bond between her and her brother.

Being a big sister means loving your brother even if he doesn't want or love you back.

Likes and dislikes, but mostly dominated by taste. Love and hate, but mostly dominated by love: that's how I describe our sweet brother-sister bond. i love you bro

message for brother

Although I often take you for granted, I want you to know that I always wanted a brother like you.

Even the biggest stone cannot knock down two brothers standing side by side. I love you.

A brother's love... not romantic, but stronger than romance, not always friendly, but more supportive than friendship.

Arguing for fun... Borrowing something and never paying it back... Brother I love you so much.

Isn't it strange that siblings can be the sweetest of friends and the bitterest of rivals at the same time? I love you brother.

My childhood memories would have been a dark night if there hadn't been a brother like you, the sun that lit up my life. Big hug and thanks for everything.

Dear brother... many people passed through my life. But you, you were there the whole time. Through all the winding roads of life, your hugs were my heavenly abode. I love you.

Dear brother... when my best friends betrayed me, you came to the rescue. That's when I realized that you are my best friend for real.

My childhood portrait wouldn't have been perfect without the biggest strength in my life: my brother.

Dear Brother We gain and lose things every day. But trust me on one thing. You will never lose me. I will always be here

I was looking for my soul but I couldn't see my soul. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I looked for my brother and found the three of them.

There are no bad childhood memories in my life because I had a brother who always protected me from conflicts.

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