First CanucksArmy's 2023 Top 10 Canucks Prospect Ranking Honorable Mentions (2023)

Taking a break from the daily fun of covering the Vancouver Canucks, we thought it was a good time to present an updated list of our top 10 Canucks prospects.

Since there's a little more time during the All-Star break, we'll write this list in 11 parts. Grab an honorable mention list and follow it up with 10 articles detailing the top 10 prospects for the Canucks, what they've been up to this season, and when we expect them to have any NHL touchdowns to play for.

Before we get to the honorable mentions, we need to address a few things about our prospect list qualifications.

We must acknowledge that Vasily Podkolzin and Nils Höglander are players who could fit our list, but we have decided that they will be removed from the list due to their NHL experience. Both players are clearly looking to have a future in the NHL, and we should see them return to the NHL at some point this season.

The list is made up of players under the age of 24 who have played no more than 20 NHL games.

This means that Jack Rathbone, despite being 23 years old, will also be delisted. Will Lockwood turned 24 in June and was not included in our most recent top 10. In our eyes, he is no longer seen as interested.

With all of that being said, I'll revisit the comments on the playoff discussion, but I want to address the players who see themselves as quintessential prospects, the kind of players who aren't quite ready to be an NHL player yet, but are hoping to they will be on the way. .

Now that we've covered all of that, let's dive into the players who fell outside of the top 10!

let's discussOMSthe player isErathey are good at it andSeWe hope you'll be an NHLer when you reach your limit.


Aku Koskenvuo is a goalkeeper with a lot of potential. Considered one of the goalies found by Ian Clark in the 2021 draft, he has all the physical attributes to be a successful professional goalie. At just 19 years old, Koskenvuo is 6'4".


His movement is top-notch for a goalkeeper his size and he only has that look in the box where he catches a ton of nets.

He is so big and moves so well.

Here is a standout moment from 19-year-old Aku Koskenvuo.#CanucksProspect

— 𝗖𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀 Faber 🔥🎙 (@ChrisFaber39)November 8, 2022


In terms of what Koskenvuo is doing this year, he started the season in the Canucks' development camp and could work alongside Ian Clark for a long time. Before you train, take the time to learn as much as you can from the goalkeeper guru.

Aku Koskenvuo and Ty Young on standby at the start of dev camp to work with Ian Clark.@CanucksArmy

— 𝗖𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀 Faber 🔥🎙 (@ChrisFaber39)July 12, 2022

Koskenvuo was selected to play Finland in the recent World Junior Championship, even winning Finland's debut at the tournament. He doesn't have a firm grip on the starting role, finishing the tournament with a two-game save rate. These included a 3-2 overtime loss to Switzerland, where he saved 24 of 27 shots, and a 6-2 loss to the United States, where he saved 24 of 30 shots.

The 19-year-old is in his first year at Harvard and is currently third on the team's depth chart. He played in two games and has a save percentage of .875.


There is still a long way to go for Koskenvuo before he makes the leap to professional hockey in North America. Being in the AHL for the 2025-26 season makes sense, but it requires a contract with the Canucks by June 1, 2025. With that information, Koskenvuo will likely play the remainder of this season before playing two more at Harvard in the jump to professional hockey.

He has a lot of potential and is working with Ian Clark and Marko Torenius on video calls to improve his game. The work he'll personally get will come in the Canucks' next two development camps, and until he starts consistently in the NCAA, we need to keep him in our honorable mentions.

Koskenvuo is a long-term project to become an NHLer and our landing time in the NHL would be close to the 2026-27 season.


Joni Jurmo is another 6'4" slug in the Canucks' system, this time at defensive position. He was the Canucks' first pick in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft and has been on our radar for several years. He has He's been in the top 10 first before, but he hasn't done enough to top the list this year, although he's taken a step in the right direction this season.

Much like an athlete, Jurmo has some very exciting abilities. He can shoot the puck hard, but he's best known for skating him. Being 6'4" and moving as he can will certainly open the doors to his future and the fact that he is only 20 gives us hope that he will be able to develop the weaknesses in his game.

If we talk about the weakest parts of your game, it starts with your decision making. Jurmo has been better in the Finnish Liiga this season and is playing more minutes due to his better game. The concern is that time and space will continue to shrink as one day he moves to the AHL and possibly the NHL. Jurmo needs to understand how to maximize his abilities throughout the game instead of relying on them.

It's almost like he's rushing to make a place for himself instead of having the awareness to see what his abilities can create. This is evident in a flurry from his own side, where he can sometimes just get past a defender (which is good!) It ends in a eviction where his team loses possession (not good!).

Jurmo is one of the players that Canucks general manager Patrik Allvin talked about moving to the AHL next year. We are very excited to see how his game turns out when he plays in the North American game with forwards who support the shoots in a different way than we see in La Liga.

The best news is that this kid with NHL potential is skating. It will take a lot of work with the Canucks' development team to make it to the NHL one day, but it's something we'd like to see in the AHL as soon as possible.


This is Jurmo's third season in Liiga and his second in Jukurit. He became one of the last four defenders at age 20 and averages between 14 and 20 minutes a night. Jurmo gets some power playing time and is occasionally used in the shootout. We see him as a guy who could add something to a power play if he could improve his spot shooting, but he moves well with the puck and on five-for-five: he does a good job of pinch-hitting, expanding cycles and zone possession. offensive.

That went under the radar last week, but it was a tremendous individual effort from Joni Jurmo on his fourth goal of the season.

A good year so far for the 20-year-old.#CanucksProspect

— 𝗖𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀 Faber 🔥🎙 (@ChrisFaber39)January 10, 2023

It's been a more productive offensive season for Jurmo this year as he currently has four goals and five assists in 39 appearances for Jukurit. Power play overtime is nice, but it's not necessarily where he generated most of his points. He is better at attacking in the offensive zone and finding space to shoot long shots.

Joni Jurmo has already scored twice in his last five games.

It was nice to see the offense increase in his game. He has all the tools and is much better in Liiga this year. He could come to North America after this season.#CanucksProspect

— 𝗖𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀 Faber 🔥🎙 (@ChrisFaber39)December 30, 2022

As we've said a few times already, there's a lot of skill behind this kids' game and we'll see if the Canucks development team can turn it into a gamer. From what we've heard from other perspectives who attended the recent Canucks development camp, Jurmo is also an animated character. He is one of the loudest guys in the room and always has a smile on his face. He could become a fan favorite in Abbotsford if he has early success in the AHL.


Sources say that Jurmo is interested in coming to North America after this season. He's likely to be in the AHL next year if the Canucks are ready to cash in on a contract for the defenseman. Unless he is signed this offseason, or possibly at the end of his league year, Jurmo is on the Canucks' reserve list through June 1, 2024. He has a shot at the AHL, but the fact that Allvin mentioning it suggests that the organization would. as a greater control over the development of him.

We expect to see Jurmo in the AHL next season and a hopeful forecast sees him playing a few NHL games in the 2025-26 season.


Kirill Kudryavtsev is a 6-foot-1 (1.80 m) left-handed quarterback who was drafted in the seventh round of the 2022 draft. He is currently in his second season with the OHL's Soo Greyhounds, having spent his youth in Russia. .

The 18-year-old defender entered the scouting radar as a 16-year-old in the MHL, which was a great puck move.


Kudryavtsev's band was a beautiful watch this season. Especially for a seventh-round pick. After a rookie OHL season that included five goals and 34 assists in 68 games, Kudryavtsev finds even more offense in his expanded role as a sophomore OHLer. He currently has six goals and 31 assists in 43 games and is fast approaching an OHL defenseman in points per game.

The points come from his time on the Greyhounds' power play, a point where Kudryavtsev seems extremely pleased with his game and his ability to find the net with his wrist shot.

Kirill Kudryavtsev records his first recording of the year#Canucks

—Dave Pasillo (@hall1289)October 1, 2022

If you judge what type of defender Kudyravtsev is, he leans heavily towards the offensive category.

His greatest strength, which helps him create offense, is his skating ability. When you combine his speed with his above-average hands, there's a lot to like that he can add to an OHL game.

Kudryavtsev com como rodas!

1 – 0 hounds 💪

— Soo Greyhounds (@OHLHoundPower)December 29, 2022

Another impressive part of his game is his ability to read the flow in the offensive zone. He chases the open ice and when he sees a hit, he explodes in the area and this explosion signals his teammates to grab the puck immediately.

Despite being known as an attacking defender, he's a fake because we constantly see Kudryavtsev killing penalties for the Greyhounds. He's not overly physical, but he doesn't shy away from the physical either. He needs to improve his defensive game to truly become a legitimate NHL prospect, but where he was drafted, his value certainly outweighs the seventh-round pick he received. He's an average defender right now, but he needs a big jump to become defensively proficient at the AHL level. This type of quarterback is a good bet with a seventh round pick and it will be exciting to watch Kudryavtsev's 2023-24 season as he has a legitimate shot at becoming one of the top three quarterbacks in the OHL.

He is currently sixth in the OHL defense scoring charts and should go a step further next season.


If he continues his upward trend to reach his potential, we expect Kudyavtsev to join the Abbotsford Canucks after the 2023-24 season. It will likely take him a few years to adjust to professional hockey, but if he reaches his limit, he could have a few NHL games as early as the 2025-26 season.

The Canucks have until June 1, 2024 to sign Kudyavtsev before he becomes a free agent. We expect him to sign after the 2023-24 season. He is also a client of Dan Milstein; they will close the deal quickly.


After his draft year was canceled due to COVID, Connor Lockhart was selected in the sixth round of the 2021 draft by the Canucks.

Lockhart was selected third overall in the 2019 OHL Priority Draft. Highly skilled and a fast skater, he was drafted because he missed his draft-eligible OHL season and likely due to his small size. Lockhart is 5'9" and weighs about 165 pounds. He understands how hard he has to play and it angers his opponents.


The easiest thing to spot about his game is the pace at which he skates. Lockhart is an above average skater who can really hit the puck.

WHAT A LAUNCH OF LOCKHART 🚨@NHLFlyersPanorama@avonjr_1010meet@Canuckschoose@C_lockhart73who goes into the groove and takes a picture to give that@PetesOHhockeylead 🎥

— OntarioHockey League (@OHLHockey)November 18, 2022

Lockhart also knows where to go to score goals – he can often be found near the goal box and is very quick with the puck when fighting for a loose puck.

No@CanucksFans - here's a Connor Lockhart hat-trick for your viewing pleasure 😎🍿@C_lockhart73scored three goals in a row in the second half and the@PetesOHhockeydriving in oshawa 🎥

— OntarioHockey League (@OHLHockey)January 1, 2023

He's the best in the race, but he also has a surprisingly good timer on the left half wall.

It will be an uphill battle for Lockhart to make it to the NHL, and his current goal is to sign with the Canucks at the end of his OHL season. He has a lot of skills, but any player his size has to be the hardest-working player on the ice at all times. He has spent his offseason being tougher with the puck in the corners and has a great work ethic.


We're not sure the Canucks will sign Lockhart before he becomes a free agent on June 1 of this year. He currently sits 20th in the OHL rankings and has certainly impressed over the past two years with his ability to keep up with the Canucks' training camp. It's great to have CHL players in your candidate pool who can graduate from Major Junior and go straight to the AHL. We're just not sure the Canucks will use any of their 50 contracts on this guy.

He should definitely land an AHL contract with someone, but we'll have to see if the Canucks can play before January.

If he peaked and became an absolute nuisance, he would probably serve a few years in the AHL and perhaps spend some time in the NHL later on. Our guess would be around the 2025-26 season.

This concludes our first edition of the Canucks Top 10 Prospects list.

And we haven't even broken into the top 10 yet!

We will continue our countdown every day during this NHL All-Star break. See you tomorrow at number 10 on our list!

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