First signs of multiple sclerosis (2023)

Multiple sclerosisIt is the best chameleon.

This inflammatory and chronic autoimmune disease influencesame symptoms with EM, it only contributes to its unpredictability.

The following makes it so difficult: his brain and his spinal cord are full of nerves that quickly send electrical signals to all areas of his body that allow him to go, talk, see, swallow and more nerves in a vagina called Myeline coated that helpsTo transfer the signals.

Na, myelin is destroyed because its immune system incorrectly tells your body that it must attack it, which leads to scars, or sclerosis and signal interruption.

"As EM develops everywhere in the central nervous system and optical nerves, brain and spine, many different types of critical attacks can occur, which leads to a diagnostic complexity."Thomas Shoemaker, MD, neurologist and expert in theRush Múltiple Sclerosis Center.

Although there is currently no cure for EM, there are several promising treatments. If you are aware of the initial symptoms, you can obtain a diagnosis and start with early treatment, which can help you treat the improvement disease has asked to explain what first signsWe must look, as well as what risk factors associated with the disease.

Here begins more (usually)

Although several EM symptoms can occur before, two occur more frequently than others:

  • Optical neuritis or inflammation of the optic nerveIt is usually the most common, says Shoemaker. You can see pain in the eye, erase and suffer headaches. This generally occurs on one side and can finally lead to a partial or total visual loss.
  • Inflammation of the spinal cord or more partial cross myelitis, it is the second most common symptom shoes manufacturer. "You can experience numbness, tingling, weakness in your arms and legs, bladder dysfunction and/or difficulties while walking," he explains.

Other initial signs of MS contain the following:

  • GutArrow area due to reduced physical activity, which leads to a reduction in food, which causes diarrhea and incontinence in relation to neurological dysfunctions through the intestinal tract.
  • Depression
  • Difficulties in which you think
  • fatigue
  • Pain, which can be acute or chronic, caused by the nerves that have the feeling of "short circuit." The neck, arms, legs and feet are caused.
  • Sexual problems"This may include changes in sexual function, such as emotion and orgasm, since emotion begins in the central nervous system and nerve paths are damaged. EM can also generate psychological factors such as humor and low self -esteem changes that also alsoIt can affect sexual desire.

The previous detection of the previous and previous therapies of the EM improved the possibilities of achieving a good long -term result.

MS may also seem this

Another potential omen is clinically isolated syndrome or FQ, but this disease is complicated.

"The CIS is in the spectrum of Em. In fact, IC are sometimes only the first representation of EM. And people with ICS generally develop multiple sclerosis, but not always," explains Sathaker.

The CIS is basically the first brush with which neurological symptoms generally take 24 hours. The episode can lead to a symptom or more, depending on the scars that occur in a place or in many places.

  • Optical neuritis
  • deafness
  • Indistinct speaking
  • tingle
  • Weakness

If you have these symptoms, it is important

  • Autoimmune diseases caused by blood vessels cause inflammation
  • Toxic exposure to material
  • Severe vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Viral infection

The appropriate tests show the biggest image

Even if you have symptoms related to EM, you may not have to confirm the diagnosis.

"There is not a single EM test, so the diagnosis can be postponed, incorrectly or even completely forgotten," says Shoemaker. "A diagnosis of EM really requires the synthesis of many different types of information from experts who know what they are looking forand how the parties should be assembled. "

For this reason, he recommends seeing a neurologist who can ensure that corresponding tests are performed to obtain a complete and precise image.

This generally includes a magnetic resonance of the brain and the column that can show changes in the central nervous system indicated by more.

"You must have an experienced radiologist or an experienced clinic or both to interpret MRT," explains Shoemaker. "And the images cannot be seen in isolation. They must be placed in the context of the patient's clinical image. Magnetic resonance images canPredict something if the clinical history or the clinical history or the clinical examination does not support it, it is some to make a diagnosis inappropriate. "

However, injuries are a strong predictor of the disease. It seems a 2014 report inNeurologyThe risk of developing is generally 60 to 80 % if injuries occur in an image of magnetic resonance. If none is in scanning, the risk falls to 20 %.

In addition to magnetic resonance, additional procedures may be required to confirm a diagnosis, currently available, the liquid generally has a greater concentration of a certain type of immune protein.

Shoemaker adds that, in certain cases, more detailed visits are required.

"There is a procedure that is known as an optical coherence tomography that can sometimes be a previous violation of the optical nerve and, similarly, there is a test that is known as visual potential and can also indicate it."

Your doctor can also request blood analysis, even if similar conditions are taken into account, such as EM.

Time and time differentiate two types of em

There are two main types of MS:

  • More recurringThis is exactly what sounds: new neurological symptoms are developed through inflammatory myelin attacks, which are called relapse, followed by recovery periods in which the symptoms improve, remain, but do not get worse or disappear. This time is called remission.

The non -fruitful image of EM is the most common form of disease. According to the information of the National Society of Multiple Sclerosis, about 85 % of people with an initially diagnosed in the applicant. The maximum with this type of EM is usuallyin the 1920s and 30s.

  • Primary progressiveIt occurs when the symptoms do not improve against the beginning of the disease. "There may be subtle improvements, but in general the trajectory deteriorates for a period of at least one year," says Satehaker.

This form of MS can be more difficult to diagnose, since people with primary progressive types tend to have less cerebral scars, more scars against spinal cord and less inflammation than people with recurring. They also have more difficulties with mobility andeveryday activities and generally occur in the 1940s or 50.

While 80 to 85 % of cases of In are recurring, the progressive primary is approximately 15 % of cases in the diagnosis and 50-50 divided between men and women.

You know the risk factors

EM affects more than 2.3 million people worldwide. EM is not contagious or even directly inherited, some factors may increase the risk of this disease, including the following:

  • EraThe largest number of people in which the EM was diagnosed is between 20 and 50 years between 20 and 50 years, although the EM can develop at any age.
  • Ethnic originThe ancestry of northern Europe is the greatest risk of developing, while American indigenous peoples and those of African or Asian origin have the greatest risk.
  • Sexual gender18 to 50 years most new diagnoses, with an average diagnostic age between 30 and 32, "says Shoemaker.
  • Genetic., As parents, brothers and children who have illness. And the risk of identical twins is almost every four.
  • Geography🇧🇷 The areas that are further from Ecuador have more cases of em. In the case of less solar radiation, investigations show that people tend to have lower levels of vitamin -D, which supports the immune function and protects againstdiseases like EM.

Shoemaker also cites other specific factors, alone or in combination that can contribute to the disease, including the following:

  • Certain genetic variations
  • Exposure to Epstein-Barr virus
  • Low vitamin D or sunlight
  • obesityDuring youth

Above diagnosis means better results

Know what signs and symptoms should investigate early has great advantages.

"From some of the long -term studies in the long term, previous therapies are previously recorded and EM therapies are previously marked as frames such as cane or walker," says Shoemaker.

Although EM's official diagnosis could be overwhelming, the shoemaker guarantees that hisPatients understand how treatment can helpWith almost 15 therapies and new approved for food and drug administration, which are constantly being developed that they are increasingly effective, EM treatment continues to improve.

"We are at a point where we are satisfied with how well we control the inflammatory aspect of the disease," says Shoemaker. "Now we are working to improve the quality of life of patients so that they can lead a healthy and productive life, such asIf I didn't even have EM. "

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