'God of War: Ragnarok' ending explained: What you need to know about the emotional ending if Kratos dies (2023)

Warning: major spoilers for God of War: Ragnarok.Bog rata: Ragnarokis a successful sequel to the game of the year from 2018.God of war.If you've finished the latest game and still have questions, check hereIt ends with God of War: Ragnarok Explained.

Review first. To the predecessorGod of war, Kratos and his son Atreus fulfilled his wife Faye's wish and scattered her ashes on top of the giant finger of Jotunheim, the highest peak of the Nine Kingdoms. Along the way, they defeated many enemies and discovered a family secret, most notably the fact that Atreus' mother was a giant, and her son's name was Loki, the Norse god of trickery. Odin and Baldr, the son of his ex-wife Freya, are the main villains. He hunts Kratos and Atreus because his father believes them to be the messengers of Ragnarok, a cataclysmic doom in Norse mythology and the destruction of Asgard.

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The concept of destiny and freedom will be inhistory of these characters.for the now adolescent AtreusRagnarok, questions about his fate and whether knowing his future is enough to prevent it is what drives him forward in the latest installment. Meanwhile, Kratos' motive is simply to protect his son from evil.

Bog rata: Ragnarokending explained

end of 2018God of war, the prophecy of Faye Wong and the giant was revealed. She is depicted in a mural depicting her son's past, present and future. This temple dedicated to Atreus also foreshadows an ominous end - Kratos will soon die. how is that? Will Atreus kill him? We are not sure about the context, since parts of the temple are damaged, we will find out in the latest edition. But we will do it.

'God of War: Ragnarok' ending explained: What you need to know about the emotional ending if Kratos dies (3)

about 10 hours laterRagnarØPotassium, Atreus fell asleep and woke up in the Lost Sanctuary of the Iron Tree, the world the giants called home before Odin tried to destroy them. Here we met Angrbod. In the game's interpretation of Norse mythology, he is one of the last remaining Jötunn, a giant (it is important to note that not all Jötnar are colossal in size). Like the giants before her, she charts the fate of various gods. Here we see the full picture of Kratos' prophecy - he will die in Ragnarok and Atreus will join Odin in Asgard. This was a bitter pill for Atreus, and after learning this, he spends the rest of the game trying to change his and his father's future. Meanwhile, Angboda tries to convince Atreus that it is best to accept his fate and enjoy the time he has left with his father.

Atreus returned home and was attacked by Freya in his quest for revenge after he and Kratos killed her son Baldr in the previous game. Defeated, Freya agrees to help Kratos and Atreus if they can help break Odin's curse that prevents her from leaving Midgard. In return, he agreed to help Kratos and Atreusdefeat OdinAtreus seems to have fulfilled the prophecy, answering Odin's call and visiting Asgard. It turns out that the Almighty Father needs Atreus/Loki and his superior language skills to decipher the ancient mask, which Odin believes will help him gain all the knowledge and answers in the world, including how to prevent Ragnarok.

'God of War: Ragnarok' ending explained: What you need to know about the emotional ending if Kratos dies (4)

While Atreus joins Thor in his search for the shards of the mask, Kratos and Freya seek answers from the Norns, who in Norse mythology rule the line between gods and men. fate. The Norns explain that fate and prophecies don't really exist, at least not in the way we think they do. "There is no grand plan. There is no script. Just the choices you make. Your choices are so predictable that we look prescient," they said. Basically, because people resist change, their behavior is predictable, which just makes fatelookexist. Kratos learns that Canon, out of sheer desire for revenge, prophesied that Heimdall would kill Atreus unless Kratos killed Heimdall first. However, by killing Heimdall, they believe the state will set in motion events that will lead Atreus to kill his father. However, Kratos attempted to create a weapon capable of killing Heimdall. He does just that in an epic boss fight, thus fulfilling Noah's prophecy. "Not because it was written, but because it was necessary," Kratos said in a back-and-forth dialogue.

He then removed the Galar Horn from Heimdall, a powerful horn that projected sound throughout the Nine Realms. At the start of Ragnarok, Heimdall blew his trumpet, calling the allies to battle. Heimdall is dead, and his horn is now in the hands of the state, which can be used to summon Surt, the fire giant - the only mythical creature capable of destroying Asgard. At this point in the game, it seems like Kratos and his allies are entering the skirmish to end all battles. Most players will hesitate to start the War Realms chapter for fear that our beloved protagonist Kratos will die.

the earth dies in himBog rata: Ragnarok

Luckily, Kratos didn't die insideGod of War: RagnarokOn the eve of the battle, he enters a dream where he is greeted by his late wife Faye, who is mentally preparing her husband for his eventual death. We're still not 100% sure how she died, but it's strongly suggested that she was mortally wounded during the battle with Thor. "The highest state of love is sadness, but we loved despite the inevitability. We opened up," she told him. "To grieve deeply is to love fully. Open to the world as you open to me and you will find every reason to continue living in it." Faye disappeared and Kratos woke up.

This dialogue from Faye is important because it contradicts what Kratos said to Atreus: "Close your heart. During our journey we will be attacked by various creatures. Close your heart to their despair. Close your heart to their pain. Do not allow yourself to feel them ", he said in the first fight.

After arriving in Asgard, the attack on the God Fortress had already begun. It was soon discovered that Odin was using the refugees from Mijadian as human shields to slow down the attack on the kingdom. "Close your heart," Atreus said to himself, watching the innocents being slaughtered. "Odin sent them to their deaths," Kratos commented. "This is war," replied Atreus tearfully. "Wars are won by those who sacrifice everything."

Kratos turned to Atreus. "Son, listen carefully. You can feel their pain because you are you and you should never sacrifice it. Never. For anyone," he said, placing his hands on his son's shoulders. "I was wrong, Atreus. Open up and open up to their pain. It was your mother's wish, and it is mine. We are better off today." He then sent Atreus to rescue the surviving refugees while Kratos searched for Odin.

'God of War: Ragnarok' ending explained: What you need to know about the emotional ending if Kratos dies (5)

When Odin and Thor face Kratos in the final boss fight and lose, Kratos will no doubt kill him in revenge for Faye's death. "Don't you know what I did?" Thor shouted. "Yes," Kratos replied, "but what are you going to do now?" Kratos sympathized with Thor. "We didn't change, we were disruptors," Thor said. "Not anymore," Kratos replied, putting the ax down. "We have to do better for our children."

Those were the moments when Kratos' fate changed, he saysBog rata: RagnarokNarrative director Matt Wise. It all goes back to Norn's declaration of choice and humanity's refusal to change which makes their fate so predictable. in a shared videoon youtube, content creator Jon Ford asked Sophos to explain the ending. "Kratos escaped his 'fate' because he opened up, fought for something instead of revenge, and spared Thor when he could have killed him," he explained. Odin admitted that he would never change or stop his quest for ultimate knowledge, but was defeated, and when Surt unleashed his fury on Asgard, Angboda used the giant's magic to create a back Portal of Midgard through which he escaped this realm with Atreus in hands unconsciously.

When Atreus woke up, Angboda showed him and Kratos another mural. Here is the full mural for the game from 2018, and now you can see the full fate of Atreus and Kratos. It was also revealed that Faye was the one who destroyed the Atreus/Loki temple in Jotunheim. "He doesn't want us to know our fate," Atreus remarked. "We forged our own path because of her," Kratos added as they examined the painting. "She betrayed her people, our people, to protect you," Angrboda explained. Sophos explains in a YouTube video, "He wants them to see the journey they've been on [in the first game], but not be held back by the foreshadowing of their future fate, like Atreus served Odin and others."

'God of War: Ragnarok' ending explained: What you need to know about the emotional ending if Kratos dies (6)

Atreus then told his father that he wanted to go to the other giants, but it was a journey he must make alone. In an emotional moment, Kratos told his son "he's ready" and Atreus walked out alone. When Kratos is alone, he goes behind the mural to reveal its other side. It opens the door for his battles with Thor and Odin in Ragnarok, with the final segment showing a gilded Kratos worshiped by the once-stoic Spartan Wraith clearly emotional. It was a tear-jerking moment.

It is important to note that this mural was painted over an old mural. "The larger figure behind Kratos is actually Thor standing next to the dead Kratos, which was in the original mural. But since Kratos changed his destiny, it's all shown as a new kind of Foresight, people respect him," explains Sophos. "As he said to Freya/Mimiro shortly afterwards, "There's a lot to do. Lots of reconstructions. "So this new future is a statue dedicated to Kratos the Restorer, not his past as Kratos the Destroyer." It is a beautiful and poetic ending that will remain recorded as one of the greatest in history.video gamesfor all ages.

Bog rata: RagnarokAvailable on PS4 and PS5.

Bog rata: Ragnarok

'God of War: Ragnarok' ending explained: What you need to know about the emotional ending if Kratos dies (7)

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The adventures of Kratos and Atreus continueBog rata: Ragnarok, the sequel to the best game of 2018.God of war.Explore more than the Nine Realms of Norse mythology, face enemies old and new, and rule a world on the brink of destruction. Ragnarok is coming, are you ready?

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