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  • What are the restrictions on billboard advertising?
  • How to Buy a Billboard Start by Finding the Right Provider
  • How long will my poster last?
  • How much does my poster cost?
  • Can I change my message mid-campaign?
  • How about a digital poster?
  • The great thing about outdoor advertising is that anyone can buy billboards

Yes, almost anyone can buy space on a billboard. Of course, it's not as easy as throwing a billboard into your shopping cart and checking out. Buying a billboard requires some knowledge.

You need to understand how they are sold, find out who owns the billboard you want to buy, and complete the transaction. This is why most poster buyers like to use media agencies.SCENARIO TWOto buy them. It's easier than doing it yourself.

However, if you are on a very limited budget or just want to DIY for fun, you can buy a billboard yourself. Here's an overview of what you need to do.

What are the restrictions on billboard advertising?

Before you start planning your board creative, make sure your product isn't in a restricted category. You cannot use billboards when selling tobacco; this ban has existed since 1998.

In states that have legalized marijuana, many still prohibit or restrict billboard advertising for dispensaries or other marijuana-related industries in certain locations. Check local restrictions if your business falls into this category.

Vendors may also have their own restrictions based on location or internal policies. They can tell you about it if you get in touch with them.

Finally, all billboards are subject to federal restrictions that prohibit misleading advertising. For example, you can't claim that your energy drink causes cancer, but you can claim that it increases alertness.

How do I buy a billboard? Start by finding the right provider

A common misconception among people who have never bought advertising is that the billboards along their highways belong to local or state governments.

In fact, the billboards belong to the sellers. These companies rent the space to advertisers either directly or through an agency. Some of the top vendors make up the majority of poster stock across the country, including:

  • ad Lamar
  • overlap
  • JCDecaux
  • Transparent channel for external use
  • External Media

There are also many smaller, regionalized providers.

Do you have a specific poster location in mind? Then you have to find out who owns it. Some have plaques at the bottom identifying the owner, in which case you can contact them directly. But most don't. Agencies often know which posters belong to which companies because they've dealt with them before.

If you're not sure where to buy a billboard, you can talk to vendors about available stock, but you'll need to do your own due diligence. Check the billboard location and make sure you get something with good visibility. Often the sellersadd it wrongif you buy multiple boards.

Doing business with suppliers can be difficult if you haven't already. This is another reason why people turn to agencies - they've dealt with these people before, and they also have other client relationships to draw on. If you're buying a billboard as an individual, you might end up paying higher prices because you don't have that kind of experience and knowledge to design, but it's still possible to do it.

How long will my poster last?

Most billboards are sold in four-week increments. You can of course extend your purchase beyond that, but a lot depends on what you're promoting.

For example, a show has a limited date and time, so you don't want to advertise after it's over. However, if you want to advertise the opening of a new retail location, you might want to buy your sign for 12 weeks or more.

How much does it cost to buy a billboard?

The price of a billboard depends a lot on many factors:

  • The city where the council is located
  • The actual location of the license plate, whether on a highway or in the city
  • how long do you commit

The bigger the citythe higher the priceYou will likely pay for your billboard. For example, you'll pay more in New York City than you would in a less populated city like Indianapolis. When shopping in a small town, prices are often quite affordable and may be lower than what you would pay for other forms of local advertising.

But remember, you're not just paying for ad space. You also have to pay to produce the Billboard creative. How long it's working again depends on what you intend to do with the frame. A good rule of thumb is to charge 50 cents per square foot. If you get a 14-foot by 48-foot patternbillboard, vinyl costs about $336.

However, if you decide to do something else with the billboard, e.g. B. building them beyond the dimensions of the billboard, your production costs will be higher.

Can I change my message mid-campaign?

Yes, you can, although you'll have to pay for the extra creativity. This will set you back at least another $336 depending on the type of billboard you buy.

How about a digital poster?

If you're interested in getting your message across on a digital billboard, your options are more limited. There are far more traditional billboards than digital ones. However, if you have a very short advertising window or already have digital media, digital media may be a preferred option.

You can already book a day for a digital poster. You can also buy online so your message gets to different places.

The great thing about outdoor advertising is that anyone can buy billboards

Billboards are a very affordable form of advertising. You can buy directly from a supplier and start showing your ad in a short period of time. However, if you feel like you need a little extra help or advice, it never hurts to turn to an expert. You mayGet in touch with DASH DOSto discuss your best outdoor options.

written by Rodolfo Queiroz

Rodolfo Queiroz is an expert in the world outside the home and lives in Los Angeles, California and currently works at DASH TWO. Rodolfo has worked closely with clients primarily in the apparel and music industries, including American Apparel, CoverFX and Interscope Records. As part of an agency, Rodolfo works with clients to help develop offsite campaigns that engage audiences through brand awareness and support their respective business objectives. He is responsible for developing and organizing the OOH strategy of the clients' brands.

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