How to buy the right glasses for your face shape (2023)

The Vision Council of America estimates that about 75% of the country uses vision correction. This means that more men than ever before are faced with the prospect of wearing glasses, and that's not including those who have considered "cosmetic" frames with non-prescription lenses.

Learn from this statisticHow to buy glasses for your face shapeIt is important that sunglasses do not ruin your look.

In this article we will discuss:

  • Should a man's glasses stand out?
  • Choose the color of your glasses
  • frame size
  • structure materials
  • courtesy glasses
How to buy the right glasses for your face shape (1)

Should a man's glasses stand out?

There is a traditional school of thought that glasses should be discreet. This idea tells you to use the thinnest wire frames possible to try to get the glasses off your face and out of your eyes.visual impressionCompletely.

The problem is that you can't, you just become a man with thin glasses. This might not be the best look for every man's face.

In some, it may even have a strong profile and appear less noticeable. The most modern fashions have embraced the idea of ​​glasses as an expression of style, just like a tie or a pocket square.

The format and even the color of the frames can be part of your visual identity. And for most men, this will be the preferred option, although as with any accessory, it's important that your glasses stay in place.

These aspects of glasses can be harmfulmakes a great first impression.

They should complement your style, not define it. A pair of glasses that is more memorable is in danger of becoming more of a novelty than a stylistic device. So exercise a little restraint.

glasses and face shape

How to buy the right glasses for your face shape (2)

This is the basic rule of thumb on how to buy glasses for your face shape: find out whatyour face is missingand get frameworks that provide it. If you have a very square face with a lot of lines and planes, you'll want rounded lenses to add some curves there. You'll do better with straight or angled glasses if you have a smooth face with curved features. This is the basic paradigm.

Here are some basic do's and don'ts for the different ways we see faces:

round face glasses

To be considered "round," a face must be the same width and height, with a curved chin and cheekbones. Something angular and slimming is your best look for a round face. Flat and rectangular lenses make your face look longer and narrower, especially when placed high on your face.

A little "butterfly taper", where the edges of the lens closest to the nose are shorter than the outer edges, can work, but the corners should be square rather than rounded. Thick frames look a bit chunky on a round face, so keep the material thin.

square face glasses

A square face is similar to a round face in that it is almost the same in width and height.
The facial features are more angular, with a broad chin and a strong jaw framing the form.
Men who want to soften the impression a bit can resort to rounded lenses.

If you like a strong profile and don't want the glasses to make you look imposing, square shapes can still work, but make sure the glasses are large and even in height and width.

Narrow, rectangular glasses on a wide, square face make you look like you have a permanent squint instead of steely determination.

Frames should be kept slim – Thick, dark frames give a square face an overwhelming impact that sets it apart from the rest of your look.

glasses with oval face

Oval faces are the universal blood type for glasses. They work well with most styles as long as you avoid extremes. An oval face is taller than it is wide, has a rounded chin and high cheekbones, and can sport a square or curved frame.

Glasses can be narrow or wide, although a lens that is too square or round (where the height and width are about the same) may look a bit uncomfortable on your narrow face. A thicker frame can add definition to your face; be careful not to overdo anything that overwhelms your true features.

heart shaped face glasses

Narrow cheekbones and a small chin look great in photos, but they won't fit in glasses. You can accentuate a pointy chin by wearing glasses that are wider at the top than the bottom. An outward-facing butterfly cone can also help, drawing attention to the center of your face.

Stay away from anything too bold or daring – it doesn't work with the curves in your face shape. Ultra-thin frames can look a little flimsy on a heart-shaped face, so don't panic with heavier-gauge wire or plastic.

Click here for the infographic on how to buy the right glasses for your face shape.

Choose the color of your glasses

How to buy the right glasses for your face shape (3)

If you don't have the money for multiple frames, you'll have to stick with your lens color for a long time. Choose wisely!

The more formal dress code limits suit-and-tie men to more traditional, neutral options: metallic base colors (gold and silver) or subtle black are acceptable. But anything thick, plastic-looking, or colorful will clash with the business dress.

More casual men can add color, either as a solid base for frames or as an accent. Thinner frames may be better for men looking to add color – a thick, colorful frame moves into the realm of novelty or dressy outfit.

frame size

When buying glasses for your face shape, it's not just about the shape, it's also about the right size for your face.

If you've looked closely at the packaging (or sometimes the frame itself), eyeglass frames use three numbers to determine size.

They represent the size of the lens, the bridge of the nose and finally the length of the sideburns (the hooks that go over the ears).

Unfortunately, these measurements cannot account for the gauge or shape of the wires, so one set of frames may seem much more comfortable than another of identical measurements.

Lighter, thinner frames are usually more comfortable and allow for a tighter fit. Large, heavy frames may require a looser size than usual.

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structure materials

How to buy the right glasses for your face shape (10)

There are dozens of different chemicals and alloys used to make eyeglass frames. Nylon-based plastics and compounds are generally used for light-colored glass, although painted metals are also available.

Zylonite (sometimes called "Zyl") is lightweight, affordable, and available in almost any color. High-quality sports glasses may be just as colorful, but they are made of more flexible nylon materials.

Titanium and titanium alloys are popular metals due to their light weight and flexibility. Beware of cheaper mixed metals if you have sensitive skin: Most alloys used for eyeglass frames contain nickel, which some people have contact allergies to. Aluminum frames are cheap but not very durable.

courtesy glasses

Some men look better with glasses🇧🇷 If you think you're one of them but you don't need glasses, there are "beauty glasses" or "fancy glasses" that have normal window glass in the frames. They don't affect your vision other than the occasional glare or blur problem.

When choosing cosmetic glasses, it's imperative that you know how to buy glasses for your face shape or you'll ruin any look you put together unnecessarily.

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