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In court, first impressions play an important role in the judge's decision. After all, we're all human and appearances can affect how people feel about you in any situation, especially in court. Whether it's a divorce case,custody case, or in another case, knowing how to dress and present yourself in court is extremely important.

An outfit can say a lot about you as a person. It shows an image, for better or for worse. Sometimes the impression you make lasts only a fraction of a second, and there are times when you only have a fraction of a second. People, consciously or unconsciously, judge your credibility, competence and character based on your appearance and behavior.

A courtroom is a solemn place and appearing before a judge should be taken very seriously. The court expects respect from you, and that respect is reflected in your presentable appearance. The bottom line is that your image is important and can influence the court's decision.

Dress guidelines for Massachusetts courthouses:

Although Massachusetts is generally considered a "liberal" state, judges still consider appearance and image when making judgments.

Did you know that Massachusetts courts have dress codes that must be followed? These guidelines are the dos and don'ts of dressing for a court appearance. Learn more aboutMassachusetts Courthouse Dress Guidelines.

Tips for men's courts

Here are some tips for men on how to dress for court:


  • Facial hair trimming and trimming
  • dress conservatively
  • wear a suit and tie
  • color coordinate
  • use modest colors
  • Wear a collared shirt
  • wear dark leather shoes
  • Know your courtroom dress code


  • overdress
  • show or naked tattoos
  • leave your piercings in
  • Wear hats of any kind.
  • display statement jewelry
  • Wear jeans (no matter how "chic" they are)
  • wear sneakers

Cut dress tips for ladies

Here are some tips for women on how to dress for court:


  • keep it simple
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum
  • Incorporate muted tones into your outfit
  • Have your nails polished or trimmed
  • Wear a fitted dress, skirt and blouse with a jacket or pantsuit.


  • Wear anything that's too tight, too short, or revealing.
  • overdo the makeup
  • Wear something very bright, bold or
  • Use distraction patterns
  • Trage Jeans

general label:

Along with dress considerations, there are also general courtroom etiquette tips. When in court, you must not do the following:

  • chew or eat gum
  • To read a newspaper
  • wear headphones
  • Carry a cell phone unless it is turned off.
  • Do you have a camera or camera phone?

Expert Cut Fashion Tips:

We rounded up some fashion and image industry experts to consider the best way to dress for a divorce court case. Here are pro tips from Tia Stanko, Sharon Kornstein, Ginger Burr, and Tara West:

gingerbread crest

Here are some thoughts from Ginger, president ofgeneral image consultant,Here are some great tips on how to dress for a court appearance:

keep it simple

When you walk into a courtroom, you want to appear serious and respectful. The best way to achieve this is with a sober, conservative style. This often results in deeper (or at least neutral) colors, simple lines (no fill or bold), and a great fit. Your clothes don't have to be expensive, but they will look better when they fit perfectly. This can often mean taking them to a tailor for some alterations, but the results are well worth it.
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be authentic

If you try to dress like someone you're not, two things will happen:

  1. you will feel uncomfortable
  2. Your discomfort will distract you and others.

Make sure what you wear looks like you. Yes, maybe a little more conservative or chic than usual, but still like you. This can be reflected in the cut of the garment, the feel of the fabric, or the accessories you choose. Whatever the reason for your participation, the listening experience will build your confidence and translate into true sincerity.

Plan everything in advance

You definitely don't want to end up looking for the right shoe for your last-minute look or finding out that the pants you chose don't fit you right. These last-minute setbacks can leave you feeling rushed, stressed, and upset — none of which you want to feel walking into court. Plan every detail in advance and experience everything in advance!

Sharon Kornstein

Appearances always count, but nowhere more than at court. Both judge and jury hear the proceedings, but cannot help but base their decision in part on appearance. The way you dress affects your reputation and your clients' bottom line. Here are some rules provided by SharonImage design advicehow to dress for court

What to take to court?

outfit idea:

Both men and women adopt conservative, tailored looks.

For men, this could be a button-down shirt, pants and jacket, or a suit. No khakis or jeans. Keep your suit on trend, i.e. cut it to fit the body. Your jacket should fit into your armholes and fall just below the seat. Keep the top button buttoned. Pants should fall just below the waist, with no drape around the legs. Ties can be light or dark, but make sure they are tied securely.

For women, a fitted dress (that is, with straight lines and without many additional details), skirt and blouse, with a jacket or pantsuit. Wear closed-toe shoes and no less than 1 inch above the knee. Structured fabrics (eg, wool gabardine, cotton) are better than draped or knit fabrics.

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For both men and women, blue, gray, and brown are good color choices. Black is better for women. Tanning only when it's too hot. Patterns are good if you are familiar with them. Stay away from flashy designer looks. Pink, purple, green, and yellow are fine in moderation.

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Makeup and accessories:

Makeup is not essential, but it is a tool that enhances facial features and improves the appearance of the skin. There's no need to overdo it; Tinted foundation or moisturizer, lipstick, blush and mascara can be the bare minimum. When it comes to accessories, choose a focal point, whether it's an accent necklace, scarf or hoop earrings. For men, a tie of a contrasting color, a scarf or strong glasses is enough.

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Personal hygiene:

Having hair combed or pulled back, facial hair trimmed, and a neatly ironed collar will go a long way toward creating a polished, well-groomed appearance. Use little cologne or perfume and make sure the clothes fit and are flattering. Keep nails polished or trimmed.

Facial expressions and body language:

Pay attention to your facial expressions and body language as others will be watching you. Maintain a pleasant, open expression, good posture (shoulders back, head up) and plenty of eye contact. Arms can fall to your side or in front of you. However, try not to grab them. If you want to appear more threatening or powerful, place your hands on your hips.

Tia Stanko

Recent research shows that people can judge us very accurately just by looking at our clothes, without even seeing our faces. Social status, education, preferences, interests, mood - all this can be easily identified by the clothes, shoes, accessories we wear and how we combine them.

Until recently, it was believed that it takes us 7 seconds to judge a person when we see them for the first time, but the impression of us begins much earlier than we think. It becomes clear that our brain draws conclusions about people only in fractions of a second with the help of past experiences, that is, the so-called "fine-cutting" effect.

We often get a second chance to correct the first impression if it isn't good enough. We need more than 20 good copies to replace the first negative.

However, there are times when you only have one chance to prove who you are, and one of those situations is at the court hearing. This is why you must be prepared in terms of your appearance when you appear in court.

To get the most out of your court appearance, here are three important things for international stylists to consider:Tia Sanko:

1. Keep it unisex or in other words…

..not to look too feminine or too masculine.

Women who show a lot of skin (eg, deep cleavage, cleavage, or tight clothing) or who wear overly feminine clothing and stiletto heels are perceived as manipulative.

On the other hand, the use of excessively muscular clothes or shirts with the sleeves rolled up by men can be recognized as an attempt at domination or even hostility.

To avoid such conclusions, it's good to focus on how an outfit fits you. Style and fit are the most important things in your look. It's good to consider whether it's too tight, too loose, or too long. If some adjustments are needed, take the time to visit a tailor and make sure the garment fits your body. Otherwise, it might look more casual than intended.

Choose timeless pieces or, in other words, clothes that will be well received by people of all genders and different backgrounds, ages, experiences, preferences.

2. No fancy embellishments or bright colors, but...

...try yourself with simple accessories and neutral colors.

Do not use items, patterns and decorations that can convey a message and demonstrate certain personal preferences. It is not possible to predict how this might be interpreted in a court of law.

It can even be provocative symbols (like a pin, brooch, tattoo) or inscription thoughts (like prints and labels) that we are so used to in our everyday lives that we don't pay attention to them, but they can make an impression on a person. 🇧🇷 , who sees us for the first time.

I recommend less flashy jewelry and accessories: delicate, small, no more than 3 for women (eg watch, necklace, earrings). Gentlemen are advised not to accessorize or just wear a watch. In fact, it would be a big help because you would come across as someone who is quite trustworthy.

The same goes for colors. We must be careful with the tones we choose and how we combine them. Its influence is not negligible on the general appearance.

Studies show that bright colors have an overstimulating and sometimes even irritating effect on the perception of certain people. Since you can't tell what kind of person is sitting across from you, it's a good idea to avoid them.

Also, avoid all-white clothing (e.g. dress, suit) or blouse (e.g. shirt, jacket, vest). This color contains all the other colors and due to this fact, the constant gaze becomes quite tiring on the eyes.

Choose muted or pastel colors. You will create a sense of calm, neutrality and goodwill.

Save dark colors like charcoal, navy, and dark brown for a suit. Black creates social distance and often doesn't allow us to convey the emotional impact of what we say. That is why it is recommended to use it only as a small element of a costume, shoes, bag, belt.

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3. As close to your real-life style as possible... you don't look like someone else in court.

This can lead to a number of conclusions over which we have no control. One of them looks like you're trying too hard to be liked. This is never well received.

Instead, elevate your style with a few touches without making extreme changes. Here some examples...

If you've never worn a suit before, there's a good chance that wearing a suit in court for the first time doesn't feel natural. Studies show that wearing atypical clothing can impair our judgment and even make it unrealistic.

If so, replace the suit with plain cotton trousers for men or a knee-length skirt for women paired with a shirt. Of course, they must be in good condition, ironed and without abrasions or stains.

If you wear makeup on a daily basis, don't go to court without makeup. You'll certainly look somber and evoke sympathy, but you'll also look like you're deliberately trying to gain sympathy and pity. Such manipulations would also not be tolerated. Remember that the people you will be talking to have done their research beforehand and have a lot of background information about you. Simple daytime makeup in nude tones would be ideal, without dark shadows or bright lipsticks.

It would certainly be a smart approach if you chose clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up and hairstyle that would show off your efforts to look neat and tidy at court. This always demonstrates respect and appreciation for the institution and the people who are there.


For more advice and personalized styling solutions, you can take advantage of the special offer. Take a free style assessment (20-minute video session) and learn how to dress for your court appearance. Book by sending a message to

western country

It is extremely important to dress appropriately for divorce court. tare, oneFashion consultant and personal stylist, shares some tips on how to present the best version of yourself and feel confident in court.


Color matters! The best colors men and women can wear to divorce court are:dark shades of grayydunkelblau🇧🇷 These colors are formal, professional, and neutral. Stay away from black as it is a cold, dark color and can look overbearing; This can hurt your chances of gaining sympathy, which you might be looking for.

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Appearance is everything:

Everything you use must beSauberywell preserved🇧🇷 If you have a suit and tie, wear it. Otherwise, you can wear khakis or long pants and a button-down shirt. It is never a good idea to wear jeans with holes, t-shirts or torn clothing when appearing before the judge, making sure everything is ironed and wrinkle free. Sometimes first impressions are the only impressions you get and you want to make sure they are good ones.

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Be polite:

Dress conservatively and respectfully. Men must wear a button-up shirt, belt, closed-toe shoes and dark-colored socks. Women must wear pants and a dress shirt or a skirt and a dress shirt. Don't be too revealing, sexy or inappropriately dressed. Do not wear sportswear, tight tops, short skirts or sundresses. Avoid crop tops or tops with spaghetti straps. Keep your footwear conservative, always opt for closed shoes and preferably flat shoes or a good pump. This is your chance to appear as professional and respectful as possible.

How to Dress for Court - Fraier & Maillet, P.C. (13)


Poor hygiene can harm you! Remember to complete her look with a nice classy hairstyle.

Women should be conservative with makeup and men should have a good shave. Make sure you smell fresh and clean like you just got out of the shower. If you have tattoos, it's a good idea to cover them up with a little makeup, and removing any facial piercings will help create a more presentable appearance.

These tips can help you feel safe and comfortable in this stressful situation. If you feel you don't have the right clothes, go out and buy new clothes. Often, the way we dress affects how we feel and how we present ourselves in company.


The bottom line is that your appearance is important and should be considered prior to court proceedings. Your dress and general appearance will be considered and considered during your legal proceedings. YeaConsciously or unconsciously, the judge and jury will judge your credibility, competence, and character based on your appearance. Therefore, it is important fFind an outfit that you are comfortable in and that fits your personal style, but is also court-appropriate and presentable.

We hope these tips have been a guide to dressing for an upcoming court appearance. Thanks again to our contributors Tia Stanko, Sharon Kornstein, Ginger Burr, and Tara West for the great tips and images.

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