The Best Complete Skate Brands – 2022 (2023)

From beginners to pros, everyone knows they have a good skateboard for their stunts. Some people are curious about the graphics, others about the style.

Many brands on the market compete with each other to offer high quality complete skateboards that are unique, different and stylish according to everyone's needs. Before you buy a skateboard of any brand, there are a few things you need to consider such as: B. Quality and money.

It is recommended not to compromise on product quality. In addition, the material used in the manufacture of the skateboard has the property of resisting unnatural things. Last but not least, always remember your Pocket J

Here I have listed the top brands that best offer the best complete skateboards:

The Best Complete Skate Brands - 2022

  • Skates Completetos Deathwish

  • The Best Complete Skate Brands – 2022 (1)

    The Deathwish Gang Logo skateboard deck is made from 7-ply Canadian maple and is 8.5 inches wide. Deathwish is a skateboard brand that offers decks of different sizes for users. It comes with center trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, risers, and Deathwish tape. Manufactures boards of various sizes with premium maple material.

    The wheel size is 52mm, perfect for partial and street skating. He comes unarmed. It's the best complete skate on this list.

    Repairable rubber protectors are some of the things that make the bearings the best Abec 5 bearings. Amphetamine bearings are used in the dash, which makes the wheels exciting. It has big pop.

    The main axles are lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum with grade 8 steel pivots and axles. They feature American-made bushings and swivel plates. Here are some features of Deathwish skateboards:

    • Material: Ahorn, Aluminium
    • Durometro Durometro: 99A
    • Marke: Deathwish
    • Wheel size: 5.2 cm
    • Weight: 7 pounds


    • Trucks are light
    • easy to assemble

    In contrast

    • Injuries are quite common.

  • complete blind skateboards

  • The Best Complete Skate Brands – 2022 (2)

    A complete blind skate is one of the top rated skate brands. It is a recognized brand and specially designed for smaller and younger skaters, with ease of rotation and maximum performance. The board has the perfect foam grip. It is made from 7-ply maple with rigid glue. Rigid glue is the strongest water-based glue.

    The wheels spin a lot and have a lot of bounce. It is available in three different colors. Blind skates are made from high quality traditional maple.

    Blind Skateboards comes in second on our list of the best complete skateboards. The tape that comes with blind complete skateboards is sticky enough for tricks. The shape of the board is popsicle.

    The deck has a width of 7.8 inches, which is suitable for all users, whether you are a beginner or an expert. This Specter has a blind deck that's rock solid with tons of pop and ready for a ladder, park, or pool. Blind wheels are generally larger than other brands. He has a perfect, even, controlled gait.

    The 52mm wheels are perfect for street and park skating. Below are some features of this skateboard:

    • Package dimensions: 31 x 7.8 x 4.6 inches
    • Weight: 4.95 pounds
    • Manufacturer: Blind Skateboards
    • Wheel size: 5.2 cm
    • Colour: Light Red/Teal


    • Continuous
    • high quality product
    • Offers good performance
    • Light and heavy options available
    • better resistance

    In contrast

    • medium graphic

  • Enjoy complete Scooter

  • The Best Complete Skate Brands – 2022 (3)

    Enjoi has been a leader in skateboard gear since 2000. The deck of these skateboards has cartoon graphics and also comes in different colors. The complete skateboard includes a deck, sandpaper, trucks, bearings, wheels and hardware.

    It is made from 7-ply 100% Canadian maple with epoxy adhesive that will withstand heavy impact while remaining lightweight. Compared to a traditional deck, it is stronger.

    This skateboard is specifically designed for durability and performance. It has a lighter resin deck and holds its pop longer than water-based decks. The 7-resin construction makes the boards feel solid.

    It is available in two sizes. One measures 7.375 inches and the other 7.75 inches. The deck of this skateboard has two styles. one and,white panda whiteand the other isTime for the first burger. 52mm 99 A are the perfect wheels for park and street skating.

    Below are some features of this skateboard:

    • Package dimensions: 32 x 7.38 x 4 inches
    • Weight: 4.75 pounds
    • White color
    • Stil: Whitey Panda White
    • Manufacturer: Enjoi
    • Material: Aluminium, Ahorn
    • Wheel size: 5.2 cm
    • Durometer hardness: 99 A


    • Ideal for beginners in handling.
    • Good quality product
    • Cartoon graphics on the cover
    • soft caps
    • composite parts

    In contrast

    • Medium quality trucks are used in this skate.

  • almost complete skateboards

  • The Best Complete Skate Brands – 2022 (4)

    For more than 10 yearsFastis known in the industry for providing quality skateboard gear. Almost complete skateboards are pre-assembled and ready to ride. They offer a selection of decks if someone wants to build a custom deck. The material this is made from is 7 ply maple with hard glue.

    Rigid glue is the strongest water-based glue. Their cases are durable and super light. Cover features have fun graphics like superheroes and supervillains. It has a hardware kit that includes the tools needed to assemble the board. The board is super light for skaters, allowing them to easily perform tricks. It has a strong pop.

    The material used to manufacture the bearings is alloy steel. It has different types of covers. Skateboards feature all of the hardware, including the tape, deck, trucks, bearings, wheels, and hardware. It has carbon steel speed bearings. Here are some features of the almost complete skateboards:

    • Package dimensions: 6.3 x 5.51 x 10.24 inches
    • Weight: 4.63 pounds
    • Manufacturer: Almost
    • Bearing Material: Alloy Steel
    • Red color
    • Material: Arco


    • long-term platform
    • Good quality bearings
    • longest deck
    • Luz
    • pre-assembled
    • first class products

    In contrast

    • used wheeled trucks of medium quality

    Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Sk8 complete skates

    The Best Complete Skate Brands – 2022 (5)

    Santa Cruz complete skateboards are pretty decent. Santa Cruz is friends with many skateboard lovers. The deck is made of high quality maple material and these skateboards come with wheels, bearings, trucks and tape. It features a flat, concave Cruzer deck. The length of this platform is 27.7 inches and 8.8 inches wide.

    It is equipped with wheels, bearings, sandpaper, cover and screws. This new rasta colored land shark comes with a built in bottle opener. It features an all white upper graphic with a black reverse stitch upper and slick rasta marks.

    The Santa Cruz Land Shark Rasta Complete "Cruzer" Deck brings the island vibe to skate with Rasta graphics and a laid-back mindset. It is equipped with yellow and red Bullet B137 trucks. These trucks are 8 inches wide and have road bike wheels. Below are some features of it:

    • Seven-ply maple construction.
    • Dimensions: 8.8 x 27.7 inches
    • Wheelbase: 16.5 inches
    • Nose: 2.7 inches
    • Kicktail: 4.3 inches
    • Trucks: B137 Bullet Trucks
    • Accessories: projectile
    • Stock: ABEC 5
    • Frames: 65mm Road Rider 78A Frames
    • Below deck bottle opener
    • Spray Clear Grip
    • Weight: 16 ounces
    • Manufacturer: Santa Cruz
    • Cor: Dreadlocks
    • Durometer hardness: 78 A


    • Good quality products
    • Accessible
    • Luz
    • Good board to navigate
    • strong and resilient

    In contrast

    • ABEC 5 bearings are used, which are of medium quality.

  • Skatro - Complete professional skateboard

  • The Best Complete Skate Brands – 2022 (6)

    Skatro is one of the most famous skate brands. They make professional quality skateboards for all users at an affordable price. Skateboarding is perfect for every beginner and every skater. 7-ply maple wood is used to construct the board. Skateboarding is suitable for beginners, girls and boys and everyone.

    The deck length is 31 inches and is 8 inches wide. Ultra-fast stainless steel bearings and high-performance wheels are used. The Skatro brand uses a gluing technology in which 7 layers of wood are molded together and serve as structural reinforcement. This thin layer makes Skatro boards comparable in strength to 8-ply boards.

    This technology is only available from skatro. An ideal wooden board is used, the size of which is perfect for cruises, tricks, ollies and kickflips. This board is better than a longboard or a mini cruiser. Below are some specifications about Skatro skateboards:

    • Material: wood, maple, aluminum
    • Manufacturer: Skate
    • Platform width: 8 inches
    • Color: chess
    • Durometer hardness: 95 A
    • Bearing material: stainless steel
    • Wheel Size: 50mm


    • Accessible
    • Good quality
    • For all ages.
    • Luz
    • durable trucks
    • free t tool

    In contrast

    • Injuries are quite common.

  • Komplett CCS Skateboard

  • The Best Complete Skate Brands – 2022 (7)

    CCS is one of the top rated skate brands. Trusted by millions of skaters around the world since 1985. They use high quality materials. It's perfect for beginners of all ages and is very reasonably priced. The board has a classic symmetrical shape. It is ideal for cruising and tricks. Maple wood is used for the deck construction, which offers just the right mix of flexibility and rigidity.

    The skateboard is delivered fully assembled and ready to ride. It comes equipped with wheels, trucks, bearings, sandpaper, and hardware. A color and size selection table is available for skaters. All boards are 32 inches long, but there is an option to choose a width.

    Below are some specifications of CCS skateboards:

    • Material: Arco
    • Package dimensions: 32 x 9 x 6 inches
    • Weight: 5.4 pounds
    • Manufacturer: CCS
    • Degree of hardness: 100A
    • Axle size: 109mm
    • Wheel Size: 52mm
    • Stock: ABEC 7
    • Adhesive tape: black
    • Available in different colors
    • Available in different sizes


    • composite parts
    • Comes in different sizes
    • Perfect for beginners.
    • Including skate tool.

    In contrast

    • soft caps
    • Medium and truck storage
    • missing diagram
    • Monopatin Complete Penny Nickel

    The Best Complete Skate Brands – 2022 (8)

    The Penny Complete Skateboard is a retro design that nods to the early days of skateboarding in the 1970's. Dubbed the Mini Skate due to its smaller size, the Penny Nickel Skateboard is 27 inches long. It has bigger and softer wheels than other skateboards. It has a non-slip lid and a classic waffle lid.

    It has perfect mini cruise wheels to get you where you need to go. High quality stainless steel is used in its bearings. These Penny skateboards come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Below are some features of it:

    • Product Dimension: 27 x 7 x 4.75 inch
    • Manufacturer: Penny Skateboards
    • Material: aluminum, plastic
    • Platform Length: 27 inches
    • Kor: Hosoi
    • Bearing material: stainless steel
    • Wheel size: 5.9 cm
    • Weight: 5.4 pounds


    • cruise boards
    • Luz
    • The wheels are bigger and softer.
    • portable
    • significant
    • Continuous
    • strong and sturdy

    In contrast

    • Caro
    • limited purpose
    • A higher level of difficulty

    The best complete skateboards for kids and teenagers

    SkateXS Beginner complete children's skateboards

    The Best Complete Skate Brands – 2022 (9)

    SkateXS skateboards are built with quality products such as decks, axles and bushings, wheels and bearings. They've kept the quality high because they're making it for kids. SkateXS decks are specially sized for younger skaters. Quality boards are made from strong maple and designed with just the right concave and kick for comfort and tricks.

    It was high on our listbest complete skateboards for kids.

    The trucks are made of strong metal alloys. The wheels are made of polyurethane and have a diameter and hardness suitable for the child's weight. Unlike skateboards from other brands, SkateXS uses high-quality products, so their skates are also used in professional competitions.

    Below are some features of this skateboard:

    • Size: 53mm size
    • Wheels: White wheels
    • Grip Tape Color: Black Grip
    • Package dimensions: 7 x 28 inches
    • Colour: mixed


    • Removable protectors for easy cleaning.
    • Pre-oiled with Bones Speed ​​Cream
    • Outstanding performance at an affordable price
    • Luz
    • consistent
    • smooth ride
    • Excellent grip for board control.
    • excellent versatility
    • Durable and high quality
    • Great handcrafted skateboard.

    In contrast

    • Expensive compared to other skateboard brands.

  • Skate Infantil Magneto

  • The Best Complete Skate Brands – 2022 (10)

    The Magneto Kids Skateboard is one of the best complete skateboards for kids as it has a deck that is 27.5 inches long and 7.75 inches wide. Children's feet fit perfectly on this platform. It's the perfect size for studying. It features a stylish and durable 7-ply hard maple deck with dual tailtails on the front and back of the board. The platform is covered with high quality tape on top of the plate.

    The medium-stiff SHR hub gives the rider the ability to spin and slide with ease and stability. The wheels are super smooth for a smooth and extra stable ride. It has three different designs so you can choose one of your choice.

    Below are some features of Magneto skateboards:

    • Brand: Magneto
    • Deck width: 7.75 inches
    • Material: Ahorn, Aluminium
    • Dimensions: 27.5 x 7.75 inches
    • Flexion: starr
    • Bushings: SHR medium stiffness
    • Platform Length: 27.5 inches
    • Color: chess, caramel
    • Radmaterial: Polyurethan
    • Durômetro Durômetro: 95A
    • Bearing Material: Alloy Steel
    • Wheel size: 5.2 cm
    • Load capacity: 200 pounds


    • smooth ride
    • extra stable
    • perfect size
    • Good quality
    • easy to deal with
    • Three different graphic options

    In contrast

    • Comparatively more expensive than other brands

    Complete Skateboard Buying Guide 2021

    When someone buys a complete skateboard they must be confused because there are hundreds of brands in the market dealing with skateboards. Therefore, it is very difficult for a beginner to decide which brand is best for him. In this guide we will help you with this problem and tell you about different brands and their tools that will be useful to you.

    Before buying skateboards, think about different things like your weight, your height, whether you are a beginner or a pro. One thing that is very important is the quality..Always Choose a quality product for everyday use.

    The complete skateboard comes fully assembled with all the necessary parts and ready to take you for a ride. A pre-assembled skateboard is a great way to learn basic skateboarding tricks and techniques.

    Most complete boards offer excellent grip for board control. They offer stability, good response, medium quality materials and an overall smoother driving experience. Features a taped deck, wheels and trucks attached to the deck. These skateboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from street skates to cruisers and longboards.

    A complete skateboard is suitable for those who start skating. The complete skateboard is suitable for those who do not have enough knowledge about its different parts. Usually these people are beginners who don't know much about the different parts individually. If you want to invest in the long term, think of individually selected components and parts.

    The price of the complete skateboard depends on the quality of the board, trucks and wheels. A standard complete skateboard costs between $50 and $150. When someone buys the skateboard for the first time, they should save money, check the right size and get a complete skateboard with a blank deck.

    If you take the time to research the best pre assembled skateboards and look at each piece individually, you will find various configurations that offer excellent value for money. Several brands on the market deal with complete skateboards. The price range of these brands varies depending on the quality of their products. You can buy a skateboard according to your budget. These ready to ride skateboards are also available online.

    There are complete custom skates with quality components that are suitable for both beginners and advanced skaters. Pros also have the option of buying a complete skateboard or building a custom skateboard for themselves. You can wear a quality part from various trusted brands for professional use as well as everyday use.

    The downside of a complete skateboard is that the quality is average. The quality of the platform is not very good and sometimes other parts are also below average.

    The axles are the pieces of metal that attach the wheels to the board. It is very important to consider when buying a skateboard with metal trucks. Complete skateboard trucks are of low quality.

    The wheels are made of a material called polyurethane that absorbs small vibrations and rolls over small pebbles. Cheap and economical wheels lead to early chipping and flat spots.

    Inexpensive bearings also prevent the wheels from spinning quickly. All these things are very important and will affect the way professionals walk.


    Skateboarding is a very common and supportive activity over a long period of time. Many children enjoy this activity. The look of the skateboard plays a big role. Many things improve the look of the skateboard when kept simple. Thousands of brands have been making skateboards and their tools for a long time. Brands make skateboards and think about which board is in fashion.

    There are a few important things to consider when buying a skateboard. The platform must be non-slip. The wheels must be made of polyurethane material that absorbs small vibrations. All products are made of high quality material. I have listed some brands with their characteristics that will help you when buying skateboards.

    In my opinion,Nickel CentThe complete skateboard is one of the best mini cruiser skateboards. This table is smaller and has a non-slip cover. Deathwish, Enjoi and Blind are the top 3 all in one skate brands to choose from right now.


    The best skate brands

    The best longboard brands

    The best skateboards for beginners

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