The best glasses for small faces | Oval, round, rectangular, heart-shaped (2023)

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Different types of glasses suit different faces. So if you have a narrower or smaller face, choosing glasses that fit you is crucial.

For those with a small face, it is also important to choose modest frames that do not dominate your facial features. Glasses that are too big can look disproportionate and often slip off the nose, which is annoying.

Do you think you have a small face? Are you looking for glasses for small faces? If yes, then read on for more information.

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Choose the right glasses for your face shape

Choosing the right glasses for your face shape is crucial to your overall well-being and confidence.

The good news is that there is now a range of men's and women's glasses for small faces available from most reputable opticians. Glasses with thicker frames are a popular choice for heavy prescription lens wearers, as they help make the glasses look smaller.

The best glasses for small faces | Oval, round, rectangular, heart-shaped (1)

If you want to know which shapes to choose, you should take into account the following measurements: the length of the face, the cheeks, the jawline and the forehead.

Using a piece of masking tape that you can place over your face, do the following:

  • Measure the distance between your temples
  • Measure the distance down the center of the face, across the nose, from the hairline to the chin
  • Measure the jaw line at its widest point, usually near the ears.

With these measurements, you can get a good idea of ​​what kind of small frames you need in general.

You may have a small face if:

  • The distance between the temples is from 100 to 125 cm
  • When the distance from the chin to the hairline is less than 185mm
  • If your jaw is less than 125 mm at its widest point

Please note that these measurements are not indicative of color or style. You must consider them separately.

Lenses that are ideally shaped for your face shape

Your face shape determines what type of glasses you should choose more than the absolute size. If you have a small face, you may need to reduce the size when visiting your ophthalmologist, but beyond that, no further considerations may be required.

The best glasses for small faces | Oval, round, rectangular, heart-shaped (2)Square face

If you have a square face characterized by a jaw line similar in width to the space between your temples and a wide chin, your best bet is to opt for glasses with a strong brow line and a complementary square shape. Try to avoid rounded frames whenever possible as they don't show off your angular features in the best possible way.

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The best glasses for small faces | Oval, round, rectangular, heart-shaped (3)face oval

People with oval faces tend to have softly rounded chins and foreheads. The face has even proportions throughout. Going back to the measurements above, small oval faces are characterized by a facial length greater than that distance between the temples and a lower jaw than the forehead. However, people with this face shape can be more adventurous than most when it comes to choosing frames, and they often benefit from styles that are wider than most.

The best glasses for small faces | Oval, round, rectangular, heart-shaped (4)

heart shaped face

Heart-shaped faces are widest at the chin, narrowest and widest at the forehead. People with this face shape usually have soft features. The best styles to choose from here are those that least emphasize the natural width at the top of the face. Cat eye glasses are often the best option here, thanks to the exaggerated brow line and the fact that they come off the forehead, helping to narrow and frame.

The best glasses for small faces | Oval, round, rectangular, heart-shaped (5)cara triangular

People with triangular faces have jaws that are wider than the space between their temples, which resembles heart-shaped faces. The aim here should be to choose frames that are wider than the narrowest part of the face, making cat eyes a favorite again. Frames with strong brow lines are also an advantage here as they can accentuate the eyes.

The best glasses for small faces | Oval, round, rectangular, heart-shaped (6)Square face

Square faces resemble rectangular faces, with a space between the temples and the chin of even proportions, but a smaller space from the hairline to the chin. When you have this face type, you have a wide jaw, a square chin, and a wide, deep forehead.

The goal here should be to add a little more length to the face and balance out the strong features. Most people with this face shape find the half-angle to be the most flattering.

The best glasses for small faces | Oval, round, rectangular, heart-shaped (7)Round face

Round faces have short measurements from the hairline to the chin, extra width at the forehead, a rounded chin, and a smooth jawline. Many people with round faces also have naturally chubby cheeks. You can't always tell if you have a round face from measurements alone, so you should also use your subjective judgment.

The best type of glasses for this face shape are more rounded and less angular frames. If you have thicker lenses, you should choose thicker frames to keep everything in proportion.

Women's glasses for small faces

If you are a woman with a small face, you may need to consider some additional features of the frame you choose to get the look you want. While it's important to select specs for your head shape, a much smaller face (based on the measurements above) may require more careful selection.

For example, women with angular features, a pointed nose or a square jaw should opt for softer, rounder glasses. On the other hand, those with soft, rounded features may need more square lenses to accentuate their features.

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Those with particularly narrow faces may want to choose a frame that flares out at the sides, adding width and giving the illusion of wider cheekbones and forehead.

Women with short faces should focus their attention on glasses with shorter frames. Small reading glasses for women are ideal here. Longer frames seem to dominate the face, giving it a disproportionate appearance.

As always, the process involves trial and error. Sometimes you find a pair of small women's glasses that you think fit your face perfectly, only to discover that they don't match your facial features well.

If you need women's glasses for small faces, then you need to discuss the frame size in more detail with your ophthalmologist. For women with long but narrow faces, longer frame glasses are the best option. For those with shorter faces from the chin to the hairline, small women's glasses are best. The frame material chosen depends mainly on space constraints. Thinner women's frames may work better for narrow faces than thicker options.

Belson ophthalmologists offer a wide range of glasses for small faces

Unfortunately, finding the right glasses for your face shape is always a challenge. While we've outlined some general guidelines here, there's no substitute for going to your local eye doctor and getting a proper test done.

oneOptical Belson, our experts are here to help you find the perfect glasses for your face shape. We assess your facial structure, then find the specs that best accentuate your facial features so you can wear them with confidence.

We have a wide range of glasses to try on, from small and thin frames to the most glamorous cat eye frames. By trying on various glasses and getting feedback, you'll quickly learn which styles best suit your needs.

Our fitting experts also take into account the unique features of your face when preparing a pair of glasses for you to try on. We're looking for frames that work for you, whether you have a pointed chin, full cheekbones, narrow eyes or a narrow forehead. With Belson Optics by your side, you can find the perfect pair of glasses and go home satisfied with your choice.

The best glasses for small faces | Oval, round, rectangular, heart-shaped (8)

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What glasses look good on small faces? ›

What style of glasses are good for small faces? Even if you have a small face, your glasses should still be proportional to your face shape. Rectangular, oval and cat-eye frames are a top choice for petite glasses as they won't dominate your facial features.

What type of glasses should a heart shaped face wear? ›

Oval Glasses

Oval shapes are great glasses frames for heart-shaped faces because their curves can add contrast to angular features. This contrast draws attention to the eyes and highlights your cheekbones.

Are round glasses good for heart shaped faces? ›

Long story short, heart shaped faces can never go wrong with rounded frames. The best way to balance a wider forehead is to add width to the lower half of the face. Aviators are perfect for heart shaped faces as their bottom-heavy shape draws attention downwards.

Are round or rectangle glasses better? ›

Round glasses frames are great for a classic style while rectangular frames can give you a sleek modern look. But before choosing a pair of glasses, be sure you know which style works best for your face shape. Check out our guide to get a look at PAIR Eyewear's base frames.

What frame of glasses make you look younger? ›

Generally, warm-colored frames can make you appear younger. Warm tones suit most faces, especially browns, burgundies, berry tones, and jewel tones. Of course, you should choose a color that suits your skin tone. It can also be helpful to choose shinier materials to give your eyes an extra sparkle.

What frames make your eyes look bigger? ›

Make sure you choose a frame that's the right size and shape for your face. Smaller, thinner frames are a great choice if you wish to enlarge your eyes, while large, thick frames will make your eyes appear smaller.

What sunglasses to avoid for a heart shaped face? ›

Frames to Avoid

If you want to draw attention away from your chin, avoid rimless frames or aviators. Square sunglasses add angular lines that could make your features look sharper than they already are. Avoid them if you're looking to soften your features.

Does heart shaped face make you look younger? ›

Kenneth Beer, the heart-shaped face is considered to be the ideal face shape because it is seen as more youthful. This is because, as we age, the fat pads in the middle and upper face droop and collect at the bottom third of the face, causing the face to have more of a pyramid shape.

Do rectangular glasses look good on round faces? ›

While there are many shapes that suit round faces, square and rectangle glasses tend to work the best because they add flattering contrast.

Do Round faces look better with or without glasses? ›

People with round faces look great in bold, thick, full-rimmed frames with angular lines. These frames contrast and balance to your softer, rounder features.

What glasses for round chubby face? ›

Wide frames with a flat top are ideal for round faces as they add width without drawing attention to the roundness of your face. Wayfarer-style frames with a rounder, teardrop shape aren't suitable for round faces, but those with longer temples and minimally curved browlines can work.

Do round glasses make you look younger? ›

The best glasses for making you look younger are those that are uplifting to the face. The shape of your frames can help you achieve a natural facelift. Softer and more rounded corners are more desirable than sharp edges. Rounded corners help to soften the facial features and naturally lift the features of the face.

What shape glasses are most attractive? ›


For women, round and oval frames add softness to angular features, while cat-eye frames can add volume around narrow cheekbones. Men might opt for round or browline frames to balance facial features.

Do round glasses make your face look bigger? ›

Don't go with any circular frames or frames that are small, as these can make your face look rounder. You should also stay away from frameless glasses. Faces with an oval shape work with the most number of frames and are considered an ideal shape.

Should eyeglasses cover eyebrows? ›

As a rule, at least the top half of your eyebrows should be visible. Your glasses shouldn't cover them completely, nor should they show them so much that your eyebrows look like they're floating on top of your frame.

What is the current glasses trend for 2023? ›

Retro, 1970s-inspired tinted lenses will be popular in 2023, especially lenses in red, orange, and yellow, which have been spotted by trendsetters at Coachella. It's being called the “new retro.” Metallic frames paired with tinted lenses will also trend next year, as well as aviator-style frames.

How can I make my older eyes look younger? ›

Opt for a lighter eyeshadow rather than a dark, smoky shade on your eyelids and around the eyes, like Jenna Dewan Tatum. "Highlighting the corners makes eyes look brighter and fresh," says Ahnert. "Use a light color shadow in matte or shimmer to inner corner, lower lash line in outer corner, and the inner lid."

Do bigger glasses make you look older? ›

Bold glasses may seem like a stark contrast for your face, but the large lenses are a great way to appear younger. Oversized frames take attention away from any imperfections you're looking to hide. Not to mention, glasses that make you look younger also tend to be bold in color and thick in construction.

What shape glasses make your face look thinner? ›

Round Face: Eyeglass frames that are square or rectangular tend to be wider than a round face. This quality can enhance your face by making it appear slimmer and longer, adding balance to your round features.

Is long hair better for heart-shaped face? ›

When you have a heart-shaped face, you can wear your hair long or short. You can even wear bangs! As long as the result is a balanced face shape that's flattering for your facial features, it's a good hairstyle for you.

How should I part my hair if I have a heart-shaped face? ›

If you have a heart-shaped face try a deep side part. A deep side part will break up the chin line, which can be pointy if you have a heart-shaped face and will brush softly against your face to give the illusion of softer cheekbones.

Should heart-shaped faces have bangs? ›

Heart-shaped faces typically have more space from the eyes to the hairline when compared to other face shapes. "It is a great face shape for bangs as you have room to fill in with hair," says Tina Outen, professional hairstylist and colorist. She recommends going with a longer bang style, like curtain bangs.

What hair length is best for round face? ›

Hairstylist Frederic Fekkai is also a fan of creating sharpness and angles to soften a rounder face shape, suggesting “longer layers and choppy pixie cuts” as great options. “I love bangs and longer hair to help minimize roundness,” he says.

What is the best short hair for heart-shaped face? ›

Bobs and lobs are a top pick for short hairstyles for heart-shaped faces because they so easily show off your cheekbones and eyes while flattering a wider forehead.

What accessories for heart face shape? ›

Heart-shaped faces look best with short necklaces with curves as they reduce the appearance of length in the jawline and soften the sharp chin. Hence, choker, collar and princess lengths are ideal.

What makes a woman's face look older? ›

With age, that fat loses volume, clumps up, and shifts downward, so features that were formerly round may sink, and skin that was smooth and tight gets loose and sags. Meanwhile other parts of the face gain fat, particularly the lower half, so we tend to get baggy around the chin and jowly in the neck.

What is the prettiest face shape? ›

Oval: Your face is often longer than wide, with the forehead standing out as the largest area of your face. According to Papanikolas, this form is typically regarded as the most attractive facial shape.

Which face shape makes you look older? ›

Experts say that people with oval faces show the earliest signs of ageing around the eyes and on the cheeks. Creasing around the eyes and upper eyelid hooding are common, plus the loss of volume and definition from the cheeks means the face can quickly look hollow and tired.

Why are rectangle glasses so popular? ›

Rectangle glasses are a staple of the frame world for a reason: they're almost universally flattering. Their lenses are wider than they are tall, with even, straight borders and rounded corners. They're a simple, sophisticated, and reliable shape, but you can give them as much pizzazz as you like with bold colors.

Who suits rectangular glasses? ›

Rectangular glasses shapes give round faces some contour, lengthen optically and make the face look narrower. Frames should be elegant but not too thin. Avoid round or oval glasses as they will only make the face look rounder.

Are rectangle glasses out of style? ›

You won't find an eyewear style more timeless than the traditional shape of rectangle frames. A definite favourite amongst glasses wearers due to its versatility, rectangle specs provide the perfect mix of polished professionalism and modern geek chic.

Do Round faces look better with shorter or longer hair? ›

Long hair is perfect and universally flattering on round faces because it lengthens the face. If you have a round face, your ideal cut will fall a few inches below the chin or longer. The shortest layer should never be above your earlobe; this can also make a style look dated, and no one wants that!

Does round face make you look older? ›

Round cheeks (round face)

Round-faced people tend to look younger for longer than others as they store fat in the cheeks and keep it there for a youthful appearance. “Therefore, dull and sagging complexions will take longer to develop on round faces.”

How can I make my round face look prettier? ›

How to Make Your Face Look Thinner
  1. Wear long earrings. ...
  2. Go ombre with your hair. ...
  3. Keep hair higher at the crown of your head. ...
  4. Color your hair darker around your face. ...
  5. Apply contouring makeup. ...
  6. Choose a mid-height ponytail. ...
  7. Cut in long layers and side-swept bangs. ...
  8. Create cat eyes with eye makeup.
Jan 9, 2014

What shades are best for round face female? ›

Square and rectangular frame glasses work best for people with round faces. The sharp angles of these types of sunglasses work to complement the softer lines of round faces.

Can round faces wear round glasses? ›

Geometric glasses shapes for women with round faces

Steer clear perfectly circular frames as they'll only accentuate the width of your head.

What color glasses go with everything? ›

The best rule of thumb is matching your glasses to your outfit to avoid clashing colors; fortunately, the most common frame colors for glasses are black, white, grey, and silver, which go with just about everything, so you may not need to think too deeply about matching your glasses to most outfits.

What color of eyeglass frames to pick? ›

For a subdued and understated look, choose frames in a colour that match with the neutral tones in your eyes, such as brown, beige, or black. If you want to channel a fun, statement-making look, choose a colour that's contrasting but complementary to your eye colour.

What kind of eyeglasses are in style for 2022? ›

This year, 2022 eyewear trends focus on three fashion-forward and easy-to-wear frame shapes. We can also expect to see frames that feature warm-toned tortoise colorations, sleek metals, and mixed materials.

How do I look hot with glasses? ›

How to look pretty in glasses
  1. Keep your brows well-groomed. Keeping your eyebrows neat and in a good shape will highlight your eyes despite wearing glasses. ...
  2. Use concealer. ...
  3. Use the right eye shadow. ...
  4. Apply eye liner. ...
  5. Use a bold lip colour. ...
  6. Do the right hair-do.
Oct 6, 2013

What glasses make you look the smartest? ›

Rimless glasses may give you the best outcomes. Faces with full-rim glasses are seen as less attractive but more intelligent than faces without them. If the person's wearing rimless glasses, they don't get marked as less attractive, but they're perceived as more intelligent and trustworthy than faces without glasses.

Can glasses be too small for your face? ›

Glasses that are too small will often be uncomfortably tight against the sides of your head or on top of your ears. Your temples or the bridge of your nose might feel too much pressure from the glasses, and your eyes might be looking out of the outer sides of the lenses rather than the center.

What glasses look best with sagging jowls? ›

Look for slightly oval or curved frames as they soften the jawline. Round frames and cat's eye styles are especially flattering. You can't go wrong with round and oval style frames that will add length.

Can Small faces wear oversized glasses? ›

Don't Go Too Big

Since you already have a petite face, you don't need excessively large frames to achieve the oversized look. As such, you can purchase a pair that's much smaller to help maintain a balance between your proportions. This way, you get glasses that fit properly while creating the bold, oversized style.

Do smaller glasses make your face look bigger? ›

Don't go with any circular frames or frames that are small, as these can make your face look rounder. You should also stay away from frameless glasses. Faces with an oval shape work with the most number of frames and are considered an ideal shape.

Do big sunglasses look good on small faces? ›

Yes, oversized sunglasses can suit small faces, but only if the frame fits correctly. Be sure to choose the correct lens width, bridge width and temple length for a good fit. Oversized sunglasses can be flattering for women as they make their faces look petit and more feminine.

What shape sunglasses look best on a narrow face? ›

Try: Round, oversized frames

Smaller frames can accentuate a narrow face, so oversized styles are the most flattering option to give the illusion of more width from cheekbone to cheekbone.

What style glasses are best for small eyes? ›

People with small eyes tend to have a more narrow face, which is best suited to styles such as rectangular or cat-eye frames. Avoid picking any frames that are too boxy, as your eyes can get lost in them. Color-wise, darker shades will work best with small eyes as they give the appearance of the eye being larger.

Should glasses cover eyebrows? ›

As a rule, at least the top half of your eyebrows should be visible. Your glasses shouldn't cover them completely, nor should they show them so much that your eyebrows look like they're floating on top of your frame.

How do I know if my frames are too small for my face? ›

Glasses that are too small will often be uncomfortably tight against the sides of your head or on top of your ears. Your temples or the bridge of your nose might feel too much pressure from the glasses, and your eyes might be looking out of the outer sides of the lenses rather than the center.

Who looks good in rectangle glasses? ›

The rectangle glasses best suit on oval face shape, round face shape, and diamond face.
  • Oval Face Shape. The people with oval face shapes have the same jawline and forehead width. ...
  • Round Face Shape. It is a truth that rectangle glasses give a business-like appearance. ...
  • Diamond Face Shape.
Sep 10, 2021

Do glasses make you look older or younger? ›

The study reported that people wearing eyeglasses were perceived as 3.3 years older; glasses-wearers over 45 were thought to be 5 years older.

What glasses frames make your face look thinner? ›

To reduce the apparent width of the top of the face, choose frame shapes that are wider at the bottom. Thin, light-coloured frames and rimless frames that have a light, airy appearance also are good choices.

Which Maui Jims is best for small faces? ›

Shop Maui Jim Baby Beach

Nothing exudes confidence like an aviator, but you know how hard it can be to find an aviator that fits when you have a small face. Thankfully, the Maui Jim Baby Beach features shallower lenses than your typical aviator frame making them perfect for those with smaller facial features.


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