Top 10 Korean Female Rappers In Kpop - All Time Ranking (2023)

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  1. soyeon
  2. CL
  3. lisa
  4. TO DIE
  5. lunabyul
  6. Jenny
  7. Crew
  8. gisele
  9. chaeyoung
  10. Ryuujin

After our successful list of the best kpop male rappers, we decided to make another one inbest female kpop rappersList. Nowadays it's very hard to find a kpop group that doesn't have at least one rapper. In comparison, there are fewer female rappers in kpop.kpop male rappers, does not mean that the talent pool is weaker. Underground rappers in Korea are dominated by men, however the female underground rap scene has been growing in recent years. Much of this is attributed to the great kpop idol rappers paving the way for the next generation.

This list consists of kpop idol rappers and non-kpop rappers in general, so you won't see Yoonmirae or Jessi on this list. Maybe one day we will publish a separate article on non-kpop female rappers. For now, here are the best kpop korean female rappers. To take advantage of!


Who is the best kpop rapper? It's a tough question, but if we had to pick just one, it would have to be (G)IDLE's SoYeon. She debuted in 2018 with the group's first single, "Latata." Since then, she has released several other singles and albums with the group, including her most recent album, I Am.

SoYeon's rapping style is unique and powerful, and her speed is second to none. She has a great flow and delivery, and her lyrics are often powerful and positive. She participated in Produce 101 and Unpretty Rapstar. There she was able to show off his freestyle, something many kpop idols can't do.

In addition to her work with (G)IDLE, SoYeon has also collaborated with other artists, including BTS's RM and Suga. He has also appeared in various TV shows and movies, including 2017's Unnie's Slam Dunk and School.


There is no doubt that CL is the best rapper in kpop. She has been in the industry for many years and has proven time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with. CL has amazing flow and delivery, and her lyrics are always on point. She is also a very talented singer, which makes her a great performer.

Other kpop female rappers may come and go, but CL is here to stay. She is a true pioneer in the industry, paving the way for other female rappers to succeed. If you are a fan of rap, you must listen to CL's music.


When it comes to female kpop rappers, there is no one more famous than BLACKPINK's Lisa. Since she debuted with the group in 2016, she has wowed audiences with her incredible rapping skills and continues to impress fans with her impressive fluency and performance.

Lisa's career as a rapper began when she was a trainee at YG Entertainment. She was featured in a song called "My First Love" by her partner Teddy's and immediately caught the attention of fans with her smooth performance and her unique flow. Her solo debut showcased her skills with the hits "Money" and "LALISA."

There is no doubt that Lisa is an incredibly talented rapper and has repeatedly proven that she is one of the best female rappers in kpop. If you're looking for someone to rap with, be sure to check out BLACKPINK's Lisa!


EXID's LE is a great kpop rapper! He has amazing flow and delivery, and his rapping style is unique and fresh. She always brings something new to the table and her raps are always super catchy. She is also a great actress and always puts on a great show.

EXID's LE debuted in 2012 with the group's first single, "Who's That Girl?" She quickly became the group's lead rapper and has appeared on every release since. She has also released several solo singles and has collaborated with other artists. In 2013, LE collaborated with B2ST's Junhyung and Big Star's Feeldog. In addition, she released her first solo album “L.I.E.” in 2015, which was a great success.


Moonbyul debuted with Mamamoo in 2014 and has been delighting fans with his incredible rapping skills ever since. Her rapping is characterized by his uniquely deep voice. She has a very distinctive rapping style that sets her apart from other kpop rappers. Moonbyul's raps are always energetic and full of attitude. She has a great sense of rhythm and always hits her cues perfectly.

Apart from her great rapping skills, Moonbyul is also an excellent singer. She often takes the lead vocal role in Mamamoo's songs and always delivers powerful and emotional performances. So she Moonbyul is a true triple threat: she can sing, dance and rap with the best. There is no doubt that she is one of the most talented and versatile idols in kpop right now.


Jennie made her debut with BLACKPINK in 2016 and has been wowing fans with her rapping skills ever since. She has a unique flow and delivery that sets her apart from other female rappers in the kpop world.

Jennie has repeatedly proven that she can keep up with some of the best female rappers in kpop with her amazing performances on stage and in music videos. She can always hold her own against her male counterparts and always brings her best game to rap.

Jennie is not only a talented rapper but also a great singer and dancer. She is a versatile performer and always puts on a great show for her fans. She managed to prove that she can assert herself a few years ago with her solo debut.


Dami made her Dreamcatcher debut in 2017 and has been wowing fans with her rapping skills ever since. She has a nice voice that is surprisingly deep. Dami is known for putting all her energy into rapping. Her performance sets her apart from other kpop rappers and she always manages to bring something new to each performance. Many saw her potential on the YG show MIXNINE, which showcased her rapping skills.


It's hard to earn respect as a rapper at SM Entertainment, which mainly focuses on singers. He debuted as a member of AESPA in 2020. Although Giselle has a great voice and can sing, his real skill is rapping. He can rap in English, Korean, and Japanese. His mother is Korean and his father is Japanese, and she became the second Japanese idol to debut under SM Entertainment.

Her fluency and diction are great, but what sets her apart from most kpop rappers is her tone. Best of all, she writes her own raps of her own, which is awesome since not many female kpop idols do.


As one of Twice's top three rappers, Chaeyoung has always shown off her amazing rapping skills. She made her official debut as a rapper with the group's debut single "Like Ooh-Ahh" and has since been featured on many of the group's songs including "Cheer Up", "TT" and "Liky".

Chaeyoung's rap style is unique because it's cute and wild at the same time. She can switch between the two with ease and her delivery is always on point. She has also proven to be an accomplished songwriter, having written the rap parts for many of Twice's hits.


Ryujin made his ITZY debut in 2019 and has been wowing fans with his rapping skills ever since. She has a unique flow and performance that sets her apart from other kpop rappers. Ryujin is one of the most underrated female rappers in kpop and many fans are divided on her abilities.

She has the skills, the flow, and the awards to back that up. She also made it to the finals of the survival show MIX MINE and took first place, but ended up being eliminated by the men's team.


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