Why do cats go missing for days? - All reasons for erroneous behavior. (2023)

Why do cats go missing for days? - All reasons for erroneous behavior. (1)

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If we have a cat in the family, we probably love the outdoors and respect living things. We might not think about it too much, but our cat probably feels the same way. While many house cats like to stay indoors where it's safe, those with experience in the outside world are curious. You mayI want to explorea little, and where it is safe we ​​often leave them better. However, some cats may become worried if they don't come back for a day or so.

Although a cat may get lost, many will return and make us curious.Why do cats disappear for days?AnimalWised answers this question and helps us to better understand what cats do when they are away from home.

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Reasons why cats disappear for days

by the complexcat behaviors, Nothing happens by chance. Cats have a direct relationship with the environment that is often much closer than humans might assume. Their nature also makes them curious creatures, prompting them to investigate anything that catches their eye. This could be part of their hunting instinct, but it also depends on how they like to spend their time.

The domestication process has resulted in cats having their basic survival needs met. However, that doesn't mean they don't go out into the world to roam in search of mishap. Some of the reasons why aCat could leave for days, contains:

is on target

When a woman is not sterile, she enters her estrous cycle, something we call "Warm🇧🇷 During this time, their hormones let males know they are fertile and ready to mate. Male cats do not physically go into heat, but when they reach sexual maturity, they will want to mate with a female. when they smell itpheromonea female dog in heat creates a strong impulse.

Although females will usually signal to call for local males, they may leave the house if none arrive. When males reach sexual maturity, they look for a female. she can have itwalk around the neighborhoodfor a long time, especially when rivals are nearby. The result can be left for days.

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the cat got lost

Cats have scent glands that allow them to leave their own scent in an area. Not only does this help other cats know what territory they are in, it also helps them return from their wanderings. Is there a general area that a cat will keep to itself?Area🇧🇷 While they should know you well, there are reasons why they might get lost.

It may take the cat a while to find its way around. This can take days and can be made more difficult if there are people around feeding them. In this case, the cat has met your needs and will not necessarily be in a hurry to get home. Another possibility is when an indoor cat leaves the house. As they are not used to being indoors, they can get overstimulated and get lost quite easily. Hope they can get back to onea few days.

If your cat hasn't come back in days and you think he's lost, take a look at ourGuide on what to do to find them.

the cat is sick

Unfortunately, cats are very good at hiding their illnesses. We say unfortunately because it can make disease detection difficult. if the cat hassick with a disease, can leave them confused and disoriented. If they have access to the outside world, they can go the extra mile to find a solution to their problem, a problem we didn't even know existed.

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The cat's illness may get better on its own after a few days. It's also possible that the cat has run out of options, so come back, as that's all there is left to do. Anyway, can you explain.why do cats disappearfor consecutive days.

the cat is dying

If a cat is sick enough, it could be at the end of its life. There are several reasons for this.older catscats can die of natural causes when their bodies stop working, younger cats can have an accident, and cats of any age can contract a deadly disease. Many animals become separated from the rest of their family before they die. This is because they are looking for a quiet place to spend their last moments. always pay attentionSigns that your cat may be dyingwhether intervention is possible.

the cat explores

After all, cats might not come home for days because they have so much to explore. This can happen especially withadult catswho have just arrived at a house. They may have explored your old property beforehand, so a new location can be confusing for them. Even if a cat is bored at home, it must find an adventure somewhere. This can cause them to wander for long periods of time.

You should not let a new cat out right away. They want them to get used to their new place for a few weeks so they can associate it with home. If not, the cat could be on the run trying to get back to its former home, likely getting lost in the process.

You are stressed at home.

While we don't think they have much reason to, cats can disappear for days because home life has become stressful. There ismany reasons why cats are stressed, often have to do with changes in the home. Whether it's the arrival of a new pet, a new baby, or anything else that disturbs your peace, it can take days to find some peace.

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To them, the outside can look like asafe placeas well as home. It's important to prevent this, which we'll explain in more detail in the next section.

Why do cats go missing for days? - All reasons for erroneous behavior. (3)

How to keep your cat from disappearing for days

When a cat roams outsidemore than a few hoursAt the same time, it can cause great fear in its guardians. We are afraid that they will get lost, have an accident, or that something bad will happen to them. Therefore, it is best to encourage the cat to come back immediately. This is what you can do:

  • take care of her: Of course we must meet our cat's basic needs, but we must make sure to meet their needs. What a cat should eat depends on several factors related to its individual situation. This depends on age, health and other factors. If we don't give them the right food, they might go elsewhere to find it.
  • stimulate her: As cats walk when they are bored, we can keep them away for days, reducing this boredom. Play with them for at least 10 minutes several times a day, provide them with smart toys and games, and generally keep them company.
  • Enrich your environment: By providing enough environmental enrichment for cats, they will not see the outside environment as interesting. Scratches, wall mounts, and even playmates can help keep them from disappearing for long periods of time.
  • neutralize-them:Neutering or neutering a cat offers many benefits., being one of the most important that reduces the dispersion behavior. Cats will only look for a mate if their hormones tell them to, which prevents neutering. It can also improve your overall health and reduce other behavior problems.
  • keep them in: If you have a new kitten or adopt an adult domestic cat, it's best not to give him the opportunity to go outside. They may not be well equipped to deal with the outdoors, so let's just leave them at home. However, if we have a cat that has already left the house, it can get upset when we try to keep it indoors against its will.

If you have a cat indoors but it is constantly trying to get outside, it could be a sign that there is a problem. See our articlewhy does your cat keep trying to escapeTo know more.

Why do cats go missing for days? - All reasons for erroneous behavior. (4)

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